Tuesday, April 23, 2013

your invited !!!!!!! VIVID 2013 SYDNEY

Viv-id (adjective) ‘1.Very Bright 2.Graphic 3.Inventive 4.Extremely Clear and Fresh 5.Lively.’ MS WORD Dictionary 2013

 ‘Vivid’ is the title of Starr’s next major solo at Traffic Jam Galleries and is the word that perfectly sums up the unique talents of this most successful and accomplished young painter. There is a certain unique gracefulness that purveys the work of Brisbane Artist Starr as she carves herself an indelible place in the Australian art world. With a Bachelor of Fine Art to hone the raw talent that has seen her painting since the age of five, Starr’s work exudes that unique quality that has seen her sell-out exhibitions in Australia and internationally. This current exhibition, ‘Vivid’, sees Starr continue to push the boundaries, with her flowing style and unmatched use of colour Starr can turn her hand to any imagery and bring it to life. She is a true artist and her work captures the spirit of the masters, with a contemporary hand......From the forthcoming exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries Sydney. 2nd - 23rd May 2013. 

Yes its all very exciting i am a big fan of  Sydney its such a beautiful city so please if your around in may please pop in and check it out . Opening night is the 2nd of may , and let me tell you traffic jam galleries dose put on a lovely night . I will also be doing an afternoon tea between 3 till 5 on sat the 5th where i will be happy to chat and answer any questions also if your super keen on a commission this is the event you wanna come to . Works are preselling now and quiet a few are already snapped up . www.tjg.com.au
for your preview . I cant wait to meet lots of my Sydney clients over the weekend , c ya there  !!!!!!! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Starr Shines above City Hall

hey everyone this is a little blurb about my recent city hall painting.!!!!!!!!!

BRISBANE- April 15, 2013. The auction of an artwork by Brisbane based artist Starr, has raised $10,000 towards the Brisbane Lord Mayors Trust at the Gala Ball held on April 13.

Specially commissioned by the Brisbane City Council, the acrylic on canvas painting simply entitled 'Brisbane City Hall' features the newly renovated City Hall depicted in the vibrant expressive colours for which Starr has become renowned.  Council's decision to choose Starr to document the historic building was rewarded when bidding for the work reached the total of $10,000.

Starr has recently had a sell-out exhibition at Brisbane's Red Hill Gallery and expectations were high for this unique portrait of the Brisbane icon.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Lord Mayor's Community Trust, assisting various Brisbane charities in improving the lives of our less fortunate citizens.

 OHHHHH and here is a picture of the lord mayor and his lovely wife with my painting . The gala ball from the looks of thing was the brisbane event to be at . Shame i was not there as i just love a dress up  but clearly my painting made its own statement .x

Sunday, April 7, 2013

storage of art my personal tips.

 Having a rather huge art collection nowdays i can tell you looking after it can be quiet the storage drama . I have all my own paintings and sketches that i have kept dating back to the age of five did i not mention i was a child prodigy way before it was trendy.lol  Not to mention also having being a lover of art in general i have purchased many of my favourite artists works over the years . Yes its quiet out of control . While you may just have a few that dont quiet suit your current day core or you have been hit with the minimal trend etc . I will give you some of my best tips . Of course firstly all my collection is insured but that means nothing to me if say my house burnt down its totally irreplaceable .

tip one ..................art is always best hung on walls , yours or other family or close friends houses . mine is well spread out for its safety in case of a break in or fire .My families walls all look amazing . Art should be enjoyed !!!!!!

tip two ................. consider a hallway or a spare room and install a hanging system that can enable you to hang lots even on top of each other i can go at least three down a wall . Also if using a spare room please air it regularly and use mold inhibitors . make it a space that is not seen as much and clutter it up in just one area . Ps it can also look amazing if done with an artistic eye.

tip three ................A spare wardrobe is also killer for storage and yes its not just for dresses. wrap art up with either blankets and bubble wrap but please make sure the bubble is long lasting and not the bio degradable type . This will insure ease with rotation of your art collection . again always use mold inhibitors in the wardrobe .

most importantly rotate ! rotate . change your paintings around for a really fresh look . Its also means the art is not staying on the same wall for years as the back of canvas need air aswell . So happy collecting everyone .x