Sunday, August 29, 2010

draw like ya paint ...............

Well I think its gotta be a given that most artists paint like they draw . Artist wendy sharp is exactly like this . There is not much difference from the drawings to the paintings , Stewart Mc farlaine is also the same . Drawing is a skill thats parmount to a great painter . I always draw and like to think my drawing style is iconic as my paintings are . I find it amazing too that there is a core of art collectors that just collect drawings . They might just have the right idea as they realise its in the studies and sketches that the paintings come from but more its where the esscence of the artist is. Ok they might just have a thing for black and white like minimalist do .This is one of my stetches from the fairy nude series .  enjoy xox

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

cult of celebrity

Celebrities have replaced royality and shows like 'E entertainment ' make them  like gods. I love the lastest dramas unfolding while i flick the paint around . Its ohhhhh so nice to have foxtel going while ya paint as you do feel like someones around even if it just the lastest robert patterson sighting. Andy warhol was a massive celb fan and liked to surround himself with as many as possible . This was his thing but i think artists are just attracted to attractive and interesting people . I painted this painting of brett michaels about 15 years ago now while still at art college its so beautiful cause it takes me back to when i was happy to just dance around my then studio which was under my grandmother house to POISON. Artists will always paint celebrities cause we wanna capture and imortalise not only on canvas but in our own distintive styles. There are many art books of famous celbs like madonna who have been painted by hundreds of different artists in the last 20 years .I paint celbs that i know or am so inspired by what they do i just cant help myself ...................... I have painted many some for art prizes and some that end up in private collections.xox