Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas !!!!!

 So who dose not love Christmas !!!!!! What's not to like its bright pretty and all things sparkle and glisten . Being an arty girl I just can't help myself but to go a little crazy . Always I tend to fall down the rabbit hole and love my Christmas to have a wonderland twist . I have been collecting trees and decorations for decades I love adding a few new pieces every year, especially on trend ones . Ok I can't walk past stars either because in my world they work all year round . I find Christmas a very creative time in the studio too . Lots of Christmas deadlines lol .
 Love those baubles !!!!! Last year I added lots more pink I have a thing for pink . Lol
Also Its always a good idea to make use of what you have .........I use and old mirror wrapped up in lights and twine with clips to house my cards . Why not just stick the smaller pink tree in a large birdcage for a terrific effect . 

 Love my Alice in wonderland candy jars they could easily be just as at home at the MADD hattas tea-party . Why not we are all mad here !!!!!!!! I just adore thinking outside the box . I have never owned a green tree not that I don't like them but I adore colour far to much and have recently acquired a blush pink vintage tree . Yes not everyone's cup of tea but I do adore walking on the wild side . Love following my arty heart at Christmas and can't wait to wrap up some presents that's one of my most beloved things to do .

So while painting my way through the Christmas season and ,watching my Alice in wonderland limited editions fly out the door I had a Christmas miracle . My new fine feathery friend called SPARKLE laid her first egg . I hope to have ham and eggs for Christmas morning breakfast . ⭐️