Monday, January 27, 2014

PARIS is a wonderland ....part 2

My biggest love about Paris has always been the night life . Stars only come out at night after all. Lots of my works reflexes this idea and with a name like starr this was always going to be . This is one of my most favorite photos taken by a random strangers who were laughing at me trying to do a selfie . Thank god they offered to assist me !!!!!!! . This was late afternoon and i was on my way to have cocktails with my seriously attractive agent then i was to be hitting the Nouvelle eve which is pretty much across the road from the moulin rouge. I was a very lucky artist to have a few beautiful dancers that were more than happy to pose for me .

My art has been promoting the Nouvelle eve for years now .........I just love this post card !!!!!!! While in town i visited to Louvre and as always am totally in love with most everything i see. I saw a Toulouse lautrec exhibition there and felt amazed as i kinda appears i am following a similar art path with the dancers and the clubs . Too some its a bit naughty and underworld, even seedy , but i never see that just the beauty and sparkle . I am so inspired when in this world i come alive . I cant wait to show you all the new works but all in good time .

 The street art around Paris was just awesome , i love all the streets scattered with it . One seriously could get lost in some of those back streets . I have a few navigation issues and am always getting lost but as always i find the french so friendly and always happy to put me on the right path .This photo was taken in the alley just up from where i was staying !!!!!!

 My epic birthday happened while i was in town which was nice it was all about me that day lol . I could have gone anywhere for dinner that night but i wanted to go to "LES DEUX MAGOTS" I have painted this iconic cafe many many time so it was wonderful to dine there and of course with the best of friends . It was a truly magnificent night .Yes there will be my latest version of this cafe in my 2014 November exhibition. ohhhhhhhhh writing this blog makes me miss Paris so much its a good thing i will return this year . Till then i can paint till my hearts content Paris the city that truly is a WONDERLAND .xo