Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chorus of colour 2014

Its always so exciting when u complete an exhibition and you see it all come together  . My job is now officially done and its over to the representing gallery . Traffic jam galleries are wonderful and i just know this new body of work will look incredible hung on their gorgeous white walls.

ohhhhhh check out my artist statement about this show . .............

 A Chorus of Colour represents my sojourn through the modern art world. It combines my affinity for the true Masters with my yearning to realise all possible futures in terms of the present.
This current work, as with my entire body of work to date, marries the world I envisage with the world that surrounds me.Striving to stay afloat in a sea of mediocrity.
A Chorus of Colour is not merely a chorus, it is a symphony!! Hyper Colour Hyper Reality. Not merely work to decorate walls, the paintings sing the story of life and the struggle to be heard.
The colour, line and narratives are my voice as I seek to render the world as I see it into a fully rationalised 2D vision.

OHHHHHH and did i mention my partner in crime for this exhibition is fantastic danielle Mcmanus . shes a wonderful talent and i just love her work . So please check out the details above for the opening and you can view the intire exhibtion online at .All works are currently available now for sale and are flying out the door so get in quick . I do hope if your in the sydney area you can make it and it will be delightful to catch up . xo

dynamic sydney harbour .....acrylic on canvas 1mt x 150cm .

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

dancing nudes musings

I magical moment happened this week , mum visited and dropped back some of my older art thats shes had hanging around her house . As shes got all new pieces to go with her latest revamps . So arriving in all there glory are some of my DANCING NUDE series . These originally arrived on the art scene in an explosion of colour just under two decades ago . I love this series its where my nudes started humbly from my hours upon hours of life drawing helped . Everyone has there own way of drawing this is mine whether i like it or not .I LOVE it of course .
  This is them today of course i have a massive progression in my style but they still have the same unique quality they did when they were first created .So painterly , POP , panache they are . The original series was an incredible hit and saw my first exhibitions become complete sell outs .This first sell out was at the redhill gallery of course who have been behind me for decades and exclusively represent me in my home town.  One of my finest moments was an incredibly famous artist who was at my first show congratulating me on my creating an amazingly original style . I had at the time not realised what i had created and just how unique its all was . I was totally in my own world and really had never stepped in a gallery or ever seen much other work except for the masters .
So yesterday i put the dancing nudes up on my facebook page and was overwhelmed with the response and could not help my self to see if i could do a quick stylus sketch . I have said before i love drawing with this cyber marvell as its keeps things loose and yes i can still sketch like i did decades ago so yeah!!!!!!!! .So thank you so much everybody you have all encouraged me to do the dancing nudes again . So stay tuned for my latest offering in this iconic series that started it all. xox