Monday, December 31, 2012

goodbye 2012 hello 2013

I wish everyone a very happy new year and i am assuming you all had a very merry Christmas !!!!!! Now of course i am sure 2012 had a few rough bumps along the road but i think this time of year its more important to consider the more positive aspect and be proud of ones achievements .

2012 was a top year for me art wise i had my first Sydney solo at TRAFFIC JAM galleries called "Fluidity " . Having such an incredible gallery such as this behind me is a real blessing for which i am very grateful for . OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and how could i forget my beloved redhill galleries success they had in november . "PARIS"JE TAIME" was a sell out that even i did not see coming . Was truly the most remarkable event for me this year . So thank you REDHILL gallery . I am very humbled to be represented by such wonderful galleries . I wanna thank everyone of my clients that continues to love my work and am so happy that so many paintings have found lovely homes this year . My ALICE series also came into its own with prints available now . I have never been more artistically happy than i am about this series !!!!!

2013 is going to be huge !!!!!! i kick off with my second sydney solo in may , then my second solo at "TOSARI" gallery in toowoomba . I have have been introduced to many new clients in the darling downs region and cant wait to exhibit with them in october .I will also be heading back to france again, i am truly addicted to all things french however this trip will take in Italy and london . I really just cant wait to get back in my studio and get all the beautiful paintings and idea out of my head and on to canvas .

ok now let get a bit more personal , my biggest new years resolution is get rid off stress in my life and learn more ways to cope with it . Pace myself with my painting and keep carm and carry on!!!!!!!!. yes yes and of course the normal one of go to the gym more and eat healthy lol surround myself with positive people and be always grateful for my family and friends who i love dearly . Here is a more interesting one I will only drink french champagne now , not cause i am a wanker but i am just not a drinker so if i drink i wanna make it count .Hence the above painting !!!!!!!! I am currently like most of you on holidays to me this means two week of no painting or drawing and not much computer time :( its a bit harsh but i need to rest my hands as its essential for my longevity as a painter . Hands should never be taken for granted .

so have a very safe new years and woooooooooohoooooooooo happy new year . If you fall into a rabbit hole i just hope its wonderland xox