Saturday, April 16, 2011

u gotta know when too

This a preview of my LENNON, portrait. ....................its almost done . I do know when to stop and thats when it looks like him in my paint splattered style . Unlike most other subject matter there is grey area about when to stop .Thank god the portrait has an end in site. This work is three quarters finished i believe a good portrait should be fantastic from beginning too end . I feel pressure with just like all artists do but it always for me been the greatest challenge to nail it with out a doubt .LENNON

Saturday, April 9, 2011

sydney is just like hollywood :)

I think finally i have fallen in love with sydney .......................i got the hang of this city i think . I was quiet confused for a while there . Its all about waking up and getting starbucks then hitting pitt street and shopping till u drop . Catching up with a friend for lunch then hitting a few more shops. GUESS , mimco etc are my current favs as always i am looking for my next pair of killer jeans too . Tsubi's never can have enough pairs , they look amazing and even better a few years later when they are covered in paint . The occupational hazard of all painters.Then too top it off hit and art show with a gorgeous american ok and kick on too a few very cute cocktail bars. . As i said just like hollywood but its sydney . xox

Monday, April 4, 2011


Is off too sydney too attend the urban passion exhibtion at TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES . This show will feature some of my fetish / obsession series ..............YES the white nudes series with shoes . lol of course there will also be on display some top artists and sculptors . I must say this gallery dose have some amazing modern sculpture . I love sculpture . Ok so my URBAN PASSION is shoes but then really which girl dose not have the same passion for unique foot wear . We all heart shoes . So if you in the sydney area please come and check this show out . xox

Sunday, April 3, 2011

can i get them in all colours ?????

'"Well of course u can miss" says the fredericks of hollywoods sales girl . I was more than delighted too say the least . Yes thats right my stiletto obsession is now in all colours of the rainbow . No where is this world can the ICON be found in mass proportions than in hollywood   . Its gotta be the home of the 80's stiletto . On anyday u can strut down hollywood blvd and find them . I have loved them forever so hence why i paint them . Hell i first learned too dance too AC/DC 'you shook me all nite long ' in my first red pair . This was a defining moment in a young girls life . Mark my words once i find the pink stiletto ur in heaven then u realize i need  the patent version too as you can imagine this collection really never has limits . I like too push it too the limits . x