Sunday, April 3, 2011

can i get them in all colours ?????

'"Well of course u can miss" says the fredericks of hollywoods sales girl . I was more than delighted too say the least . Yes thats right my stiletto obsession is now in all colours of the rainbow . No where is this world can the ICON be found in mass proportions than in hollywood   . Its gotta be the home of the 80's stiletto . On anyday u can strut down hollywood blvd and find them . I have loved them forever so hence why i paint them . Hell i first learned too dance too AC/DC 'you shook me all nite long ' in my first red pair . This was a defining moment in a young girls life . Mark my words once i find the pink stiletto ur in heaven then u realize i need  the patent version too as you can imagine this collection really never has limits . I like too push it too the limits . x

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