Monday, May 6, 2013

Sydney is a WONDERLAND .

I just love Sydney, it truly is a wonderland and i found a path into the rabbit hole . I have many adventures while visiting this amazing city and its become an amazing source of inspiration .Of course i was there for the opening of VIVID my second big show in the awesome traffic jam galleries . I just love an opening and meeting many of my clients .

I had my lovely muse jodie with me on this trip she been the star of many of my nudes and quiet frankly shes just a lovely girl and wonderful company . While i did have instagram before with her help to navigate i am getting much better with it and now can finally instagram like a I did get a bit carried away with it opppps. I prefer to run around with a sketch book or my Nikon but lets face it you always have the iPhone with you at all times for those unexpected moments. I fitted in a few hours of life drawing and here is a photo of some of my props i used ..........yes the red tutu , the cinderella shoes and my new heart bag .  

We also hit LUNA park , what an awesome place is that . I went on lots of rides but there dose come a time when maybe i need to realize rides and me to not agree :( I do however just love the fairy floss and lets face it maybe that dose not agree with me either but it sure tastes magical. Nothing quiet like Luna park at night its just so beautiful and tacky all at the same time

So after a successful opening lots of sales and a spot of shopping i had a wonderful time in Sydney "the" city of icons. Cant wait till my next adventure till then C ya Sydney !!!!!!!!