Friday, April 20, 2012

alice /disney tea cup study

I am a bit of a collector and i am sure in some peoples eyes a hoarder...............yes as u may well imagine my house is very bright and colorful with everything screaming out at you form all directions . INTENSE to say the least . To me however i find it carming to be surrounded by all things that i love . From barbies to teacups its all here and from vases then back to records . I could never live minimal myself however my painting are almost always hanging in very beautiful minimal house's across the world . They even appear happier that way . lol . I love to paint what i love as with most artists, so if its dear to me it will end up immortalized on canvas at some point. My teacup collection is getting a painted at the moment just in time for mothers days . My brisbane gallery has requested some smaller works and this series fits in just perfectly.  This alice in wonderland tea cup is one of my most precious pieces in my collection . HAPPY COLLECTING / hoarding x 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

new brighter than bright nudes .!!!!!!!!

hey if your in brisbane drop into the redhill gallery and check out some of my lastest works .I am loving these very brighter than bright nudes . I think the time is for colour , the world need more colour . Let me know what you think !!!!!!!! . I so love working with models its what makes the experience priceless ...................LIFE drawing is a passion of mine i have been drawing from life since i was 14 . When i was a young artist i just assumed this was what all artist do , well all the master at least . Have a lovely week i shall be painting the week away !!!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

happy easter !!!!!!!!

happy easter everyone ........................OHHHHHHH how i love bunnies , the furry kind . Not those amazing mashmello kinds that come in molds and u roll them in coconut that i fondly remember from my childhood . OK i loved them as well . Being a big Alice in wonderland fan of course i love the icon of the white rabbit . MAGICAL . The other bunny that interests me in the playboy bunny , a very tacky modern cult icon in its own right . I do admit to having playboy bunnies seat covers . Like i said a tacky trashy ICON. I guess one girls fairy-tale can be different to the next girls . Let not forget the chocolate bunnies OMG so good ,  i am a huge cabury bunny girl . It dose not get any better than that . Of course being a good catholic girl i do know the real meaning of easter and i am sure it will make my grandmother's easter by seeing me frocked up in a church . This is a quiet a rare sight these day !!!!!!!!!! so HAPPY EASTER everyone.x

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

alice in wonderland the ballet !!!!!!!

Well now its always wonderful to see the ballet ..........................but ALICE in WONDERLAND is just a treat . In my town of brisbane there is a marvelous local ballet company called the 'Queensland ballet' , they have just done their version of alice in wonderland . It was awesome .!!!!! if your in town go and see it . Of course i had too its one of my dreams to see this ballet preformed all over the world as every ballet company will twist this twisted fairytale in a different direction . I loved the mad hatta the costum was epic ......................very colorful just like my paintings . So well done brisbane !!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

‎"la paix et la tranquillité" is French for Peace and Tranquillity

hello !!!!!!!!! i have had a break from my blog as i have been very creative in the studio and spending a bit less time in cyber world .  Have been working on some new nudes and experimenting with much brighter colours and just splashing the paint around with no real direction just going with my heart . Totally enjoying being more free and not so controlled . Its a bit like what i was doing 15 years ago but far more evolved . I am very happy with them and love these colours . The world need more colour these days and i think we all agree with that . This is called   ‎"la paix et la tranquillité" and is  French for Peace and Tranquillity ‎. !!!!!!