Friday, April 20, 2012

alice /disney tea cup study

I am a bit of a collector and i am sure in some peoples eyes a hoarder...............yes as u may well imagine my house is very bright and colorful with everything screaming out at you form all directions . INTENSE to say the least . To me however i find it carming to be surrounded by all things that i love . From barbies to teacups its all here and from vases then back to records . I could never live minimal myself however my painting are almost always hanging in very beautiful minimal house's across the world . They even appear happier that way . lol . I love to paint what i love as with most artists, so if its dear to me it will end up immortalized on canvas at some point. My teacup collection is getting a painted at the moment just in time for mothers days . My brisbane gallery has requested some smaller works and this series fits in just perfectly.  This alice in wonderland tea cup is one of my most precious pieces in my collection . HAPPY COLLECTING / hoarding x 

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