Sunday, January 11, 2015

hello 2015 farwell 2014 !!!!!!

 OMG what an extraordinary year of artistic adventure's was 2014 !!!!! Its was all off an running with NYE on a big boat out in the middle of the ocean with my art selling to a global audience of thousands . Painting on stage like a super star ........yes thats right i can work a stage and all those years of hanging out with my rockstar friends showed me how to pull it off .Of course just paint brushes rather than microphones .lol still a skill in its self .

 Next was a few hard months of working in the studio painting WONDERLAND my darwin SOLO , that was a huge hit ....................not right away but by about three months later it had almost soldout . so thanks for your support darwin and the lovely anne from framed . I live in wonderland in general but for these months it was a all about the queen of hearts, rabbits and alice of course .

 Then was Chorus of COLOUR exhibition in sydney at the awesome traffic jam galleries . It was my brightest work to date and i was so happy with my direction and inspiration for this show . Yes and how beautiful was my imagination series thats at this stage made its sydney debut .I just spend the time in the studio working up my sketches and this series arrived . My style never changes it just evolves you will always be able to pick a starr painting a mile off.
 Then is was all about WANDERLUST my most successful sell out exhibition to date. ........ . It takes a special gallery to pull of this and the redhill gallery are like no other with their exhibitions. Mind you i will say i worked exceptionally long hours on this show to produce such detailed works ................NYC ,LONDON and my beloved PARIS all featured . Of course is would not happen with out my home town of brisbanes support , I know brisbane loves me and am very grateful. I HEART BRISBANE . OHHHHHHHH and how magical was that dress , it was over looked by a million girls before i made it mine . Painting from a space of love is always a good start, makes the sweet sickly sweet .

 Personally i was never as happy as i was this year lots of dinners with friends and a marvelous christmas with my family and friends . My world is ever changing and all darkness has certainly left my life and has been replaced by love . I also have a much better understanding of myself nowadays and dont apologise for my arty nature or quirks, I embrace them. My life is my journey and i think you cant go in half assed you must live it and not to others standards.
I am so excited for 2015 I have some very big personal plans and major art ones . I will have minimal exhibtions this year but a pop up somewhere special . I will be working on very large scale works for art prizes and new works for overseas galleries and a few new galleries in australia. 2015 will be my year to reach long term goals . So the adventure begins and thankyou all for being part of 2014 and following my 2015 artistic journey .This year will be  magical with some of my most inspired painting to date now to pick up the brushes !!!!!!!!!!