Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

 What a wonderful holiday is Easter i personally think of it as the official bunny day . I love rabbits and bunnies of all types yes i even have a fascination for playboy bunnies . Let face it ever since the white rabbit jumped down the wonderland hole i was a fan . So have an awesome time with your loved ones and go easy on the chocolate . I am obsessed with cadbury large rabbits , and yes i got quiet a few today . Ohhhhh and yes i know the real meaning of Easter and i did one of my twice a year appearances in a church . This Easter is a painting one for me no rest for the wicked but countless amounts of chocolate to help the process along . Happy Easter everyone and please drive safe .

Friday, March 29, 2013

congratulation !!!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how i love facebook . What a wonderful way to show your art to the world . All my representing galleries are also ecstatic cause as soon as i post my latest paintings on facebook they are selling via them ........................its a win win .  A while back i finally hit the 1000 likes , which is exciting just in it self but to celebrate i gave a painting away . This was a dragonfly from my ever popular bug series . The winner was the lovely Luc who resides in Canada he was clearly very happy with his new painting . So congratulation !!!!!!!!  I shall be giving another one away once i hit 2000 likes so stay tuned everyone :). so by all means follow me on facebook . x 

Friday, March 22, 2013

my love affair with brisbane continues

My love affair with Brisbane continues............. !!!!!!!! Here is a sneak peak of my latest painting . This has been a wonderful honour to have been selected to paint such a remarkable icon of Brisbane .  Get your cheque books out Brisbane. This specially commissioned painting of City Hall is only available at the Lord Mayors Community Trust Gala Event on Sat 13th April. This should be a fantastic event its the unveiling of the new renovations of this remarkable building . This painting shows the balance between the old and new in Brisbane as the city evolves but still holds on to tradition that makes this a great city .Captured in my signature style and vivid colour palette with a modern Sci-fi undertones . Which makes Brisbane look out of this world .