Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SCARD tv interview. hey so please check out this interview I talk about my inpirations for the current exhibtion and also what inspires me .xox

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ballerina in the blue tutu

So in excitement of my lastest exhibtion ' wonderland ' which is ALICE IN WONDERLAND THEME how could i not paint a ballerina with a blue tutu ............. this current show opens in BRISBANE on the 3rd of dec at the redhill gallery , brisbane its currently all online . View it at . xox

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WONDERLAND status update

this painting is 'WONDERLAND STATUS UPDATE" cause even if you fall down a hole u still need to stay connected to the life line that is FACEBOOK . ok myspace or twitter depending on ur addiction levels . I would also need to update this blog as well . It amazing to think how we really ever survived before social networking took over the world . I am completely obbsessed with facebook and admite to checking it at least 5 times a day everyday . Sometimes in my recluse world i can feel connected via this . I wake up most morning for my coffee and then too check my facebook , flirt a little and spirt a few pearls of no needed wisdom . OK and then update my status x

Monday, November 8, 2010

ALICE and the HATTA hookup

Watched the latest release movie ALICE .............U HAVE TO SEE IT , fantastic its what u would do if u did not have tim burtons budget , did not care less about the traditional details of disneys version . Ok u would need a warped imagination too . any version were ALICE and the HATTA hook up works for me . Really arty and magical .......!!!!!! its directed by nick willing also has kathy bates as the QUEEN of hearts . very entertaining . Its about time someone really twisted up the fairytale and I'm not talking just on canvas .x

SCARD TV visited me in my studio .

The guys from SCARD TV came for a visit yesterday to interview me . most exciting . I had my lovely model emily there also who is my ALICE for my new ALICE IN WONDERLAND SERIES . I am very recluse and its normally just me painting away in the studio so it was interesting to have the film crew there . This is a still of me painting " wonderland status update" . Thanks SCARD TV was a lovely interlude on what was just another day with the canvas and paint . xox