Wednesday, October 26, 2011

free as a bird

'as free as a bird' is from my current exhibition in toowoomba ..............its on till the 6th of november .I have always been very grateful for my talent ...........ALWAYS .It was always my dream to paint ,now its my dream to paint forever .While in my art college days i witnessed lots of people who abused there talent with drug and alcohol . This was always to me tragic and sad , i have an eccentric nature and enough issues being very dyslexic that i decided years ago i would never touch drugs . Mind you i dont judge other that do its an individual choice. I respect my talent so much so i eat healthy and exercise all the time .................... exercise helps with depression that all creative's tend to suffer with from time to time . Also what u dont know is you really have to be rather fit to be a modern painter , all those rather large canvas's ect . Its quiet taxing on the body as much as it is on the brain. I have always felt as free as a bird cause my creativity and imagination is never ending and certainly not hindered now or ever by drugs or alcohol . I am not perfect however i love a glass of french champagne cause its fabulous .x

Sunday, October 16, 2011

toowoomba you ROCK .X

'stars only come out at nite ' was a massive success . TOSARI gallery you are an amazing gallery with a very professional attitude . The opening nite was fantastic and lots of red dots interestingly sales where coming from all over the country for this show . So well done TOOWOOMBA .I so enjoyed meeting lots of new clients and local art buffs , i felt very welcome in this remarkable town. I hit the OLIVE GARDEN for a few cocktails after to celebrate , go the 'bird of paradise' cocktail it was yummy. On the saturday i had a did a talk and a walk through of the exhibition for the gallery and had a few cupcakes and met again some wonderful locals . They are all so friendly !!!!! later that nite myself and few friends hit the SPOTTED COW for a steak . it was one of the best steaks i have had in years so i do  highly recommend this pub . I also have to admite i did get terribly lost getting to my opening but i did get the chance to see every small town on the way to the show . Yes i had a GPS but thought i would not get lost lol . However i do think it is a wonderful part of the country to get lost in . U rock toowoomba xox

Thursday, October 13, 2011

stars are much brighter in the country .

STARS ONLY COME OUT AT NITE............. official opening is tonite at 6.30 . 4 margaret st toowoomba , OLD australia . gallery hours are from tuesdays to sunday from 10 -4 . this show continues till the 6th of november . So plently of time for you to take a look , also its a most beautiful gallery and well worth a drive so scenic and beautiful is the country surrounding toowoomba . On the saturday 15 of october u can come and have coffee and cupcakes with me while i do a talk on my art practice and this lastest show ............................i assure you i am humorous . I am most excited about my first country exhibition and now all i have to decide is WHAT TO WEAR .............while i am a painter i am still a girl . Its also a fact thats stars are much brighter in the country .x 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

stars only come out at nite

It seems ironic, since my name is Starr that this exhibition will be my first ever to be focused on the beautiful lights of the night sky.

One of my earliest memories as a child was having my mother sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to me and in my teens it was Madonna’s ‘Lucky Star’ that had my imagination reeling. Now as an adult I indulge my passions in painting and I love nothing more than finding beauty in the night.

The wonder of the city at night and the magic of a starlit garden both feature heavily in my latest work. However, this exhibition heralds a stunning new aspect to my most iconic imagery in ‘Midnight Swan’; a sensuous new work that unleashes the dark beauty of the ballet.

This is but a taste of what will be on show when the ‘Starrs’ come out at night…

the opening nite is on the 14th of october and is strictly invite only so please contact the gallery directly if you wish to attend .ph 07 4638 4455.they are more than happy to send you out an invite  TOSARI GALLERIES TOOWOMMBA . QLD australia

This is the blurb about the current show ............just thought i would share x ohhhhhh and my latest alice painting in the series "wish upon a star"