Wednesday, October 26, 2011

free as a bird

'as free as a bird' is from my current exhibition in toowoomba ..............its on till the 6th of november .I have always been very grateful for my talent ...........ALWAYS .It was always my dream to paint ,now its my dream to paint forever .While in my art college days i witnessed lots of people who abused there talent with drug and alcohol . This was always to me tragic and sad , i have an eccentric nature and enough issues being very dyslexic that i decided years ago i would never touch drugs . Mind you i dont judge other that do its an individual choice. I respect my talent so much so i eat healthy and exercise all the time .................... exercise helps with depression that all creative's tend to suffer with from time to time . Also what u dont know is you really have to be rather fit to be a modern painter , all those rather large canvas's ect . Its quiet taxing on the body as much as it is on the brain. I have always felt as free as a bird cause my creativity and imagination is never ending and certainly not hindered now or ever by drugs or alcohol . I am not perfect however i love a glass of french champagne cause its fabulous .x


  1. That's a great painting Starr.
    I love birds,I find them fascinating.
    I don't know if you read the post on my blog about the Sacred Kingfisher that flew into my living room window and nearly killed itself called "The Bird that Flew into the Window"

    You can copy and paste that link into your browser or just click on the top story of my "Most Popular Posts in Order of Views" in my sidebar.It's above the "Six Degrees of Separation" link.
    I took some pictures of it with my phone camera while it was stunned,before it flew away.It was one of the cutest birds I have ever seen,and I haven't seen a Scared Kingfisher since that day.Once you've seen one in the wild you'll love them forever.

    And talking about paintings,if you get the chance,try and see the movie "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams".It's a doco on the world's oldest discovered cave paintings found in France in 1994.They are 32000 years old.
    I saw the movie yesterday in 2D,but it was showing in some cinemas in 3D.
    I think you would find it interesting.

  2. as always darren everything you say is rather interesting .................u have to love blogs , i am about to start featuring the humming birds in my latest works . they are very lyrical in an arty sence . :)))) of course i will check out your kingfisher story.