Saturday, July 6, 2013

ever wanted a STARR painting !!!!!!

So have u ever wanted a STARR painting if the answer is yes then listen up ............ I have been searching high and low for my future house /studio for months and months and finally i found it . I had an extreme wish list . HIGH HIGH ceilings so i can do super large commissions , an EPIC green view with lots of land as i am a bit recluse , and i always dreamed of an 80's architectural style pole home . .The only down bit is it needs a big renovation to bring it up to date its very classic in its current state
Here is a sneak peak of it !!!!!! 

I just love all the angles and yes i love the timber oddly and dont want it touched as thats what really makes it so 80's and my dream home . What i am looking for is a few trades people that are keen for a contra or part contra with my art . So the first person i am super keen to meet is a painter i need the interrior walls that are there to be painted white there are not that many at all really.  So if you know a painter whos a big fan of my art this is a once off opportunity . I am also keen to hear from electricians and plumbers and carpenters down the track .So please spread the news . If u are the man for job please email me at

Due to me being on very tough exhibition programs the dream house has come at a very inconvenient time so i am trying to make this move as easy as possible so i can have limited down time from painting  . I do however think having a new space will be very inspiring for me watch out for the new works that will becoming and some yet to be imagined .x