Monday, March 31, 2014

Alices adventure's in Never Neverland .

My latest edition to my Alice in wonderland series is complete !!!!!!!! Finally its taken many a sleepless night . My Dreams are always a bit intense and most of my paintings come to me while i am sleeping . I then put myself under pressure to get my vision on to canvas in the studio . For weeks i am not so nice to be around , friends call and i act very distracted , my mind only handles one thing when i am in Alice mode . Much thought, sketches and studies go into each painting .

'ALICES adventure's in never neverland' is all about Darwin and the NEVER NEVER. Kakadu is a magical world in its self but what amazes me is a tiny boat is easily lost in a sea of waterlillies. Whether its the destination or the journey ahead . Never mind however alice has her ipad to navigate and the white rabbit for company . Pink flamingos make their first appearance in my series and how wonderland are they!!!!!!! .Ohhhhhh and also my 18th century vintage 'Alice in wonderland' book with the original cover thats my most coveted possession . I love the modern thrown in with the old for a twist .

WONDERLAND 2014 is opening at the Framed gallery in Darwin on May the 9th . I am very excited and will be in attendance as i just adore Darwin and the gallery . I have been represented by them for over a decade or more . My latest Alice painting will be officially unveiled and prints of this work will also be available. Its going to be a floral frenzy with whimsical undertones . x