Sunday, November 9, 2014

WANDERLUST opening redhill gallery 2014

Wanderlust is officially open and it went off with a bang !!!!!! Was a very big night for both me and the red hill gallery . It was so nice seeing so many faces in the standing only room crowd . It takes a very special gallery to pull of an opening like that. Its something that in an artists life you never forget. Lets be real however it has taken two years and a lot of sacrifice to paint that body of work .Lots of planing and just hoping that you all like my latest works and get it . This painting artistic temperament says it all with the thoughts running around in my head that I need to get out and onto canvas .

Here is a photo from opening night and ohhhhhh what a night it was ........I am here with the redhill galleries director Margaret . Yes is sure it pick a crazy dress nothing but outrageous for me . I found it in a prom shop its from a USA brand and was the last one , many years old and over looked by a 1000 girls . The dress at the back of the store that no one wants is normally the one i want oddly . This is second paint splattered dress i have found on my travels this way . It was love at first sight and i knew it was perfect for WANDERLUST as it looked like alice fell down the rabbit hole with a paint brush . I just hope i get to wear it again ;)

Here i am getting filmed for the opening night very excited but i admit to being awkward when a camera comes near me . I think one should face their fears and be brave and give it a go and with experience you will only get better . I am shot here with my INTERSTELLA  painting thats in brisbane for it first time it was only ever seen in a regional gallery . Brisbane needed its chance to see this work up close and personal. There will be much more from this series in the future ......I WAS BORN TO PAINT THE STARS .

The redhill gallery publicity machine was a full swing too with a full page spread in the SUNDAY MAILS "U" section .Its was titled "romance lives in colour" very fitting for the show . Thanks Fiona Purdon for a terrific article . It featured my latest london , NYC , ballerina and cafe van gogh works all from WANDERLUST .

 I want to thank all my clients that came to my latest exhibition i was very humbled being an artist from brisbane and having that much support. Also of course my friends and family that are always there for me cheering me on .So delighted i was to meet so many of my wonderful clients from facebook and redhill gallery !!!!!!!! Here is one of my iconic story bridges from my current show so if you love it gotta have it contact the lovely staff at the redhill gallery on 07 3368 1442