Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 will be out of this world

Well thats the title of this painting 'out of this world ' .This is one of my favourtie cityscapes of brisbane my home town i can recall painting in the last few years . Being its brisbane and made into a planet its perfect for my new years update . I had a wonderful drama filled christmas , and lets face it they are always the best . lol .2011 for me was a top year , many goals reached and also a realization i am in a very happy place and know who my close friends are that continue to inspire me even if it just seeing them . When working day in day out in solitude i can tell you its nice to just have a coffee and conversation with a real person , not saying i dont love all my cyber world friends as well. So 2012 will be massive year for me with 2 major solos this year i wont have time to scratch myself . I am so excited and positive about 2012 both personally and career wise. So 2012 i will be drinking french champagne to celebrate your arrival and 2011 you shall be missed .x

Friday, November 4, 2011

final few days of "stars only come out at nite' exhibition

Its the last weekend of my current show 'star's only come out at night ' exhibition in toowomba at the very fabulous TOSARI gallery . So if you in the area go and take a look. While every painting i do is always great an exhibition is far more special cause all paintings tend to work together ......well thats always my goal . I love a theme for a show it just gives lots more continuity and can really showcase a style to the max . The address again for the gallery is 4 Margaret st toowomba the staff are most welcoming and say i said HI....................x

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

free as a bird

'as free as a bird' is from my current exhibition in toowoomba ..............its on till the 6th of november .I have always been very grateful for my talent ...........ALWAYS .It was always my dream to paint ,now its my dream to paint forever .While in my art college days i witnessed lots of people who abused there talent with drug and alcohol . This was always to me tragic and sad , i have an eccentric nature and enough issues being very dyslexic that i decided years ago i would never touch drugs . Mind you i dont judge other that do its an individual choice. I respect my talent so much so i eat healthy and exercise all the time .................... exercise helps with depression that all creative's tend to suffer with from time to time . Also what u dont know is you really have to be rather fit to be a modern painter , all those rather large canvas's ect . Its quiet taxing on the body as much as it is on the brain. I have always felt as free as a bird cause my creativity and imagination is never ending and certainly not hindered now or ever by drugs or alcohol . I am not perfect however i love a glass of french champagne cause its fabulous .x

Sunday, October 16, 2011

toowoomba you ROCK .X

'stars only come out at nite ' was a massive success . TOSARI gallery you are an amazing gallery with a very professional attitude . The opening nite was fantastic and lots of red dots interestingly sales where coming from all over the country for this show . So well done TOOWOOMBA .I so enjoyed meeting lots of new clients and local art buffs , i felt very welcome in this remarkable town. I hit the OLIVE GARDEN for a few cocktails after to celebrate , go the 'bird of paradise' cocktail it was yummy. On the saturday i had a did a talk and a walk through of the exhibition for the gallery and had a few cupcakes and met again some wonderful locals . They are all so friendly !!!!! later that nite myself and few friends hit the SPOTTED COW for a steak . it was one of the best steaks i have had in years so i do  highly recommend this pub . I also have to admite i did get terribly lost getting to my opening but i did get the chance to see every small town on the way to the show . Yes i had a GPS but thought i would not get lost lol . However i do think it is a wonderful part of the country to get lost in . U rock toowoomba xox

Thursday, October 13, 2011

stars are much brighter in the country .

STARS ONLY COME OUT AT NITE............. official opening is tonite at 6.30 . 4 margaret st toowoomba , OLD australia . gallery hours are from tuesdays to sunday from 10 -4 . this show continues till the 6th of november . So plently of time for you to take a look , also its a most beautiful gallery and well worth a drive so scenic and beautiful is the country surrounding toowoomba . On the saturday 15 of october u can come and have coffee and cupcakes with me while i do a talk on my art practice and this lastest show ............................i assure you i am humorous . I am most excited about my first country exhibition and now all i have to decide is WHAT TO WEAR .............while i am a painter i am still a girl . Its also a fact thats stars are much brighter in the country .x 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

stars only come out at nite

It seems ironic, since my name is Starr that this exhibition will be my first ever to be focused on the beautiful lights of the night sky.

One of my earliest memories as a child was having my mother sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ to me and in my teens it was Madonna’s ‘Lucky Star’ that had my imagination reeling. Now as an adult I indulge my passions in painting and I love nothing more than finding beauty in the night.

The wonder of the city at night and the magic of a starlit garden both feature heavily in my latest work. However, this exhibition heralds a stunning new aspect to my most iconic imagery in ‘Midnight Swan’; a sensuous new work that unleashes the dark beauty of the ballet.

This is but a taste of what will be on show when the ‘Starrs’ come out at night…

the opening nite is on the 14th of october and is strictly invite only so please contact the gallery directly if you wish to attend .ph 07 4638 4455.they are more than happy to send you out an invite  TOSARI GALLERIES TOOWOMMBA . QLD australia

This is the blurb about the current show ............just thought i would share x ohhhhhh and my latest alice painting in the series "wish upon a star" 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

carnival of flowers

yes thats right its that time of the year again ......................when a beautiful country town called 'toowomba celebrates carnival of flowers . This town is situated in Queensland in Australia in a region called the darling downs . Ok so yes i do paint flowers but till very recently while they sell all over they were a major hit in darwin for many years . Now it would seem a city famous for it gardens and flowers has taken a shine to my floral paintings. Whether they are on white back grounds or the black ones they are very emotive . Like all girls i love flowers who dose not , i love to receive them as well, again who dose not . except this one time ...................... a now ex boyfriend forgot my birthday completely and sent irises as a big I am so sorry babe . so rather than get mad i got even the only way an artist can . I painted the beautiful flowers and sold the painting a few days later . I then shopped till i dropped . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the fun .  So as u can well understand why flowers can be very emotive . x

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

am working on my latest alice painting

while hard at work 'alice' had to pop in for  a visit .....................well she came to pose for me . I use the same girl as my alice for the entire series i think its very important for continuity .The newest work is called ' wish upon a star ' i will have alice in the wonderland garden but at night yes there will be lots of stars in the sky . I am very into stars as u might imagine. I am working on my latest exhibition called "stars only come out at night " very star themed stay tuned . x

Thursday, September 1, 2011

aspley special school art show

Now i rarely talk about my family but i have a brother who i just love ................his name is 'bradley'. Bradley is a teacher at the aspley special school and i am so proud of him and all the sacrifices he has made over the years to become the fantastic teacher he is .Its not an easy job and something i could never do but he dose it with such ease and joy . So tonite is the schools art show i am donating a large story bridge to the school and all proceeds will go to helping the special kids . They are very special indeed they have wonderful personaities and are very enthusiastic. I spent a few mondays helping out the budding young artists with some killer techniques that they have applied to there own works which will also be there for sale on the night. I found these wonderful children lots of fun to be around and i even played hookey with them good luck tonite kids xox

Saturday, August 13, 2011

'one day i'll fly away"

hey everyone receintly i was feature artist in 'fusions fine art gallery' in perth for the month of july works been all over the world so its only fitting it flys to the other side of australia . Western australia sounds so very far away i have never been there but i am sure one day i will get there.  I here its a most beautiful city . Hailing from queensland its interesting how we rarely venture to the other side of our country . I tend to think of WA another world away sad considering i am more than happy to fly to hollywood at the drop of a hat . Beautiful gallery however and am very happy to be now represented there. so if your in perth please visit them . x

artists i admire.

i always get asked this question which current living artists do i like and admire ....damn this means i cant say 'the masters' etc . so from australia they are 'ken done' and 'stewart mcfarlaine'. and from the US i love marylin mansons paintings. hes rocks ........i am sorry to say I'm a very hard marker. takes a lot to impress me these days . mansons work is every thing i admire in an artist highly original like the artist and the work reflects his personality . He paints what hes into and what surrounds him not whats cool or hip or trendy . Hes dark as are his paintings . I love this cat very much one of my favourite works of his .. x

Friday, July 22, 2011

spectacle and observer exhibition july 2011.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how i love sydney these days . I am now represented by a top new gallery called TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES. The latest gallery group show is called the SPECTACLE & OBSERVER i have several of my latest sydney harbour city scapes in it . Yes as u guessed it i rock the story bridge in brisbane so it was only time before the icon of sydney i made my own. Ok they do have quite of collection of the bugs as well on show . I mean where is pest control when u need it . lol . It takes the right artist for the right gallery and when this happens its magic ................this gallery is the perfect fit for me as its both modern and contempary me .x

Friday, June 24, 2011

can can mayhem

I am currently working on my new series of paris inspired works ..............ohhhhhhhhh how i love paris and the seductive nite life and the underworld and if your really lucky u may encounter 18 century french vampires ......................well just depends how lucky you are ????? point is anything possible with a lust for life and and imagination that wont quit. "can can mayhem" is just a taste of what i am about too do with my dancer series ...........lots more too come most will sadly not be seen in australia and end up in paris . this work however is available via redhill gallery brisbane . xox

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I heart PARIS.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how i love paris , and how i love a structure ......something as magic as the eiffel tower totally changes the paris skyline . A landscape is one thing and beautiful in its natural form but a man made structure thats is as iconic as this is beyond inspiring . I love  too paint   structure's .................................bridges as well . In modern times our landscapes are changing everyday but some icons are forever . I am currently working on new paris works and this is a sneak peak "i heart paris" painting. xox

Monday, June 6, 2011

I won an award ..............FINALLY.

Well finally i won an award , I got peoples choice at ART 57 in sydney . very exciting . The best thing about it was i got an email telling me as a complete surprise, the only way too go. Normally i would be like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting to see if i won anything . I totally forgot about it as one gets used to contant  rejection . I however feel that every time i sell a painting i am winning ..........................but a win is fantastic THANK YOU.WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. "LUNA EXPLOSION" was 20cm x 20cms in size and very small but with lots of colour impact . This painting shows the three greatest things about sydney ......................the harbour bridge , opera house and luna park . My latest works of sydney are available 'traffic jam galleries" in sydney in neutral bay . x

Saturday, April 16, 2011

u gotta know when too

This a preview of my LENNON, portrait. ....................its almost done . I do know when to stop and thats when it looks like him in my paint splattered style . Unlike most other subject matter there is grey area about when to stop .Thank god the portrait has an end in site. This work is three quarters finished i believe a good portrait should be fantastic from beginning too end . I feel pressure with just like all artists do but it always for me been the greatest challenge to nail it with out a doubt .LENNON

Saturday, April 9, 2011

sydney is just like hollywood :)

I think finally i have fallen in love with sydney .......................i got the hang of this city i think . I was quiet confused for a while there . Its all about waking up and getting starbucks then hitting pitt street and shopping till u drop . Catching up with a friend for lunch then hitting a few more shops. GUESS , mimco etc are my current favs as always i am looking for my next pair of killer jeans too . Tsubi's never can have enough pairs , they look amazing and even better a few years later when they are covered in paint . The occupational hazard of all painters.Then too top it off hit and art show with a gorgeous american ok and kick on too a few very cute cocktail bars. . As i said just like hollywood but its sydney . xox

Monday, April 4, 2011


Is off too sydney too attend the urban passion exhibtion at TRAFFIC JAM GALLERIES . This show will feature some of my fetish / obsession series ..............YES the white nudes series with shoes . lol of course there will also be on display some top artists and sculptors . I must say this gallery dose have some amazing modern sculpture . I love sculpture . Ok so my URBAN PASSION is shoes but then really which girl dose not have the same passion for unique foot wear . We all heart shoes . So if you in the sydney area please come and check this show out . xox

Sunday, April 3, 2011

can i get them in all colours ?????

'"Well of course u can miss" says the fredericks of hollywoods sales girl . I was more than delighted too say the least . Yes thats right my stiletto obsession is now in all colours of the rainbow . No where is this world can the ICON be found in mass proportions than in hollywood   . Its gotta be the home of the 80's stiletto . On anyday u can strut down hollywood blvd and find them . I have loved them forever so hence why i paint them . Hell i first learned too dance too AC/DC 'you shook me all nite long ' in my first red pair . This was a defining moment in a young girls life . Mark my words once i find the pink stiletto ur in heaven then u realize i need  the patent version too as you can imagine this collection really never has limits . I like too push it too the limits . x

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

where on earth can u ??????

Where on earth can u ..........................????? treak an hour too see the one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world . Dance the nite away with the american navy as their boat has just landed . almost get taken by a croc while ur trying to get an amazing photo of waterlillies . ........u would be in DARWIN . Its one of the most amazing fun places on earth and terrific too paint as well . Some on my best times have been there ...........................they have the most fantastic margaritas in cullen bay along with sensational fresh seafood  . The markets are the best in the world with some of the best asian foods i have ever tasted but mostly the people are the friendliest around.It is also lots of fun too party in , u just have too have a lust for life and always remember what happens in darwin stays in darwin. xox

Monday, March 14, 2011

break all the rules

One question i always get is how did i learn too paint like this .....................i am self taught . I over the years had various lessons of course but no one but me came up with my style . It happened natually as its ment too . I paid great attention too my own ideas and brush strokes early on and went with it . clearly having strong bold drawing skills also helped . I started out as conservatively trained meaning i could paint realistic portraits and very beautiful shack in the back country landscapes . By learning the rules i could then many years later break them ...........................and break them i did . This would never have happened if i did not spend hours at my craft everyday , day in day out in my school years . I do think natural talent and destiny play a large role too. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the shear love of colour and painting . lol. I am influenced by the masters only and have no interest in what modern artists of our time do as thats my seceret in keeping my style pure . I have no interest in hitting a local gallery i would rather walk the halls of the getty in LA  and marvel at DEGAS ballerinas in the flesh .
I never wished to paint like anyone but me and never will . xox

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the most perfect colour ...................GREEN

GREEN is the colour of life. most fantastic and was when i first started too paint in oils ....emerald green was my  favorite colour . just so lush and vibrant . Over many years of my pink obsession which i still adore and worship all things pink .......................GREEN  has slowly crept on me . It started with mint green and yeap it looks super with pink so i went with it . Then i went from a redhead too raven and well its just a fact green looks amazing with black hair . Its such a hard colour too find ...................while in santa monica in los angeles i went too the very fab hotel the viscory it was decked out with splashes of a bright green . its a mix of EMERALD/LIME...................totally amazing . I stumbled into the amazing ladies room of them all in floor to ceiling green tiles , very overwhelming too most but so extrodinary too me . I fell in LOVE with the colour that day . My brushes are always covered in green these day it just works to well with other bright primary and sceondary colours. SO YES I HEART GREEN   

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

starr's only come out at nite.

Well it would appear my love affair with PARIS will not fade anytime soon . I am constantly getting galleries requesting new work from this magical city . I could think of nothing better than too paint paris and its fantastic cafes etc  . It's the night life however i love ..................everything seems more beautiful when its sparkles. I love a starry  night and every night this is just repeated over and over again  whats not too like .I do think artists are all very different and what would appeal too one my not appeal too another . My name is STARR and lets face it star's only come out at nite .......................So paint the night i will . I have always been drawn too the nite and frankly cant stand the sun its upsets me greatly . I have always preferred to paint the night away and sleep in ..................SO PLEASE DONT CALL BEFORE 11am . lol. I simply find colour of the night breathtaking ................thats it plain and simple .

Sunday, February 27, 2011

love in a elevator

now this has to be the hottest artist /painter on the planet ..........................drum roll or screaming guitar solo . lol  STEVEN TYLER. I am a big aerosmith fan and went all the way too vegas just too see them . He was magic on stage . Over the years i have had a reoccurring fantasy about him and elevators in department stores. I thought he was just a rockstar but no hes also a painter . I always knew we had lots in common . So call me and we can discuss painting anytime u like steven , the topic of elevators is optional . xox  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

el te amo.

el te amo ....................means i love u in brazilian. yeap and thats all i know of his language . This is a portrait of NAT REED hes and artist based in brazil who moonlights as a rockstar . His former band was well know brazilian glam rock band the BASTARDZ. Muses are a strange thing i have a few girls that model for me that i adore to paint but this man i could draw and paint him till the cows come home . Its quiet obsessive really . But then obsession is what painting is all about . Inspiration come from beauty but this mans beauty is translated in the inside aswell ...........................very rare indeed. We cant talk too each other but we do what artists do and draw each other , ok and thank god for translator thingy on the net . So when i am upset or down or just in an unguarded moment i choose too paint him cause it always makes me happy . So please never take the humble phone for granted . I would kill too be able too speak too him . lol

Sunday, February 13, 2011

every rose has its thorn.

Every rose has its thorn , just like every night has its dawn ..........................ahhhhhhhh so who says rockers that wear edhardy too much are not sensitive . .so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone . Roses are the universal symbol of LOVE clearly by a mile . The average man will always send them on valentines day too his love or else hes in big trouble . I paint this red rose series as i love the idea of love more than most however elusive it is . Over the years i have been sent many dozens of red roses by admirers but some men just think out side the box .......................or colour etc. One guy sent me black roses , let me tell ya a first i thought fuck it might be my death wish ? i looked at the card an realised this man would never send anything so common as red due to his extrodinary taste in all things dark . Another man sent sterling roses , they are pale lavender grey roses , featured in the movie 'BED OF ROSES' . I love a man thats creative and thinks out side the norm . For the record black roses are very rare and hard to get in this country due to our climate . I love hard to get . xox

Saturday, February 12, 2011

drawing is only second to painting.

Well now drawing may be second to painting but really u cant have the one without the other . My style is based on very strong drawing skills and i paint like i draw . We all do in the beginning , i loved drawing and scribbling in my high school diary's which years later become the visual diary's. Essential to any artist who loves to see the process from the scribbles too the drawings then to the painting . ................... So when i am not painting which is always and in quiet moments i like too scribble the joy of doing something thats not expecting an outcome is it was in my teens .xox

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the polka dot incident

So i love polka dots , dont ask why maybe its the the whole alice in wonderland thingy . Ever since i was a little girl i have loved them , weather on clothing , coffee mugs , dooner covers and dressing my toy poodle in them . I cant help myself really . I have a few very fantastic pairs of shoes in black and white dots too . weather the dots are in black and white , red and white or pink and white they ROCK. So its interesting to know just how personal my nudes really are ? I was working on this painting in december when i got dumped , and one of the excuses was my excessive use of polka dots . WTF. ok i am as mad as a hatta and excentric but really this cant be a reason ...............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well with the 'polka dot incident ' well behind me i now close up my laptop and stick it in its new polka dot case. xox