Monday, March 14, 2011

break all the rules

One question i always get is how did i learn too paint like this .....................i am self taught . I over the years had various lessons of course but no one but me came up with my style . It happened natually as its ment too . I paid great attention too my own ideas and brush strokes early on and went with it . clearly having strong bold drawing skills also helped . I started out as conservatively trained meaning i could paint realistic portraits and very beautiful shack in the back country landscapes . By learning the rules i could then many years later break them ...........................and break them i did . This would never have happened if i did not spend hours at my craft everyday , day in day out in my school years . I do think natural talent and destiny play a large role too. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the shear love of colour and painting . lol. I am influenced by the masters only and have no interest in what modern artists of our time do as thats my seceret in keeping my style pure . I have no interest in hitting a local gallery i would rather walk the halls of the getty in LA  and marvel at DEGAS ballerinas in the flesh .
I never wished to paint like anyone but me and never will . xox

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  1. Break all the rules?...Isn't that the first rule?
    Your paintings speak to the soul,and that's what makes a great painter in my books.