Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 will be out of this world

Well thats the title of this painting 'out of this world ' .This is one of my favourtie cityscapes of brisbane my home town i can recall painting in the last few years . Being its brisbane and made into a planet its perfect for my new years update . I had a wonderful drama filled christmas , and lets face it they are always the best . lol .2011 for me was a top year , many goals reached and also a realization i am in a very happy place and know who my close friends are that continue to inspire me even if it just seeing them . When working day in day out in solitude i can tell you its nice to just have a coffee and conversation with a real person , not saying i dont love all my cyber world friends as well. So 2012 will be massive year for me with 2 major solos this year i wont have time to scratch myself . I am so excited and positive about 2012 both personally and career wise. So 2012 i will be drinking french champagne to celebrate your arrival and 2011 you shall be missed .x