Sunday, May 25, 2014

the good , the bad and the ugly .

Now this will be a post you will want to read ......................The good the bad and the ugly of the art world !!!!! ok the truth . Firstly let me tell you nothing better than being a painter girl 24/7 you wake up and can paint in your PJ's if you want . This is not a glamorous occupation except for the odd occasion your a judge, its your exhibition or you at an event art related and your just in desperate need of a photo opp.  Media and promotion is everything and thank god for cyber world can i get a high five .lol I find the addiction that is the internet is crazy and time consuming but necessary . I have only just learned whats a stylus pen is used for and here is my first sketch not on paper , its a bit like a magic slate i had as a kiddy . Its sure is a complicated world nowadays.

While of course as a artist i work my ass off daily yes thats right 7 days a week . I do a bit of swanning and procrastination and not to mention the constant need of more coffee . See no ones perfect . I am a gallery artist thats constantly booked up for exhibitions years in advance, thats awesome i know but exhibitions are pressure.Stressing out pressure. No complaining because you know what your signing up for when you get so excited about getting excepted into art college .There are however some things they dont tell you and over a course of decades you will encounter some negative aspects of the art world .

Firstly i have sold many many painting and most recently 12 appear to be lost . I am sure the clients who purchased them have no idea the artist was never paid . A gallery went into liquidation and thats that and as they are overseas its near impossible to chase .Dont start me on galleries that just close up over night and you never see your paintings again . I lost another 20 works this way once . Galleries dont always pay aswell and artists are so grateful just to be represented we say nothing . This is maddening and happens all the time in the art world you always here rumours but we all still think this wont happen to us .etc . However on a brighter note there are awesome galleries that do pay and they have the the respect of the artists and we all love them . I find its important to learn from experience and dont make the same mistake twice and if you do like me at least you took and chance because the next gallery might be the the best one EVER.

So there really is no fairytale in this world but it sure dose have enough sparkly moments to over come the darkness .


Monday, May 19, 2014

starr's adventures in never neverland.

Well darwin really is like no other city in australia , of course the first thing that hits you is the heat . yes its winter in brisbane but its like summer in darwin. While i was only in town for a few day for my opening of WONDERLAND 2014 i simply had a ball . Just check out the invites how divine . I did write this in the sand at the mindel markets just totally blown away by the beach . Yes i am a night owl so even walking on a beach is a big event .

My gallery that represents me in darwin has been representing me for over 15 years !!!!! Framed the darwin gallery is just lovely with beautiful white walls and i just love how they hang a show . I adored getting to meet lots of my clients some older ones and some first time buyers . ohhhhhh here is the exhibition online so you can check it out !!!!!

 Prints of Alices adventures in never neverland my latest in my alice series is also available via framed for the next three months exclusively. One thing on my list to do was hit cullen bay , it never fails to amaze with all those yachts . i had a sav blanc and oysters with my girlfriend Mykala who decided to join me on my adventure . We were most excited to find out the the US navy was in town as last time i was there 6 years ago i danced on top of a bar to the YMCA with some navy boys . Sadly no table top dancing for me this trip ........DAMN IT.  
 The PR and press of an exhibition is always exciting and fun . I am quiet the poser so no dramas there just hope they get my best side . I love to strike a pose or VOGUE .The girls from the NT news were a delight and worked over time getting great shots .Here is behind the scenes .

 ohhhhhh and here is me having a cup of tea with the white rabbit hes quiet the character and hes was filling me in on all the wonderland gossip . Most exciting conversation i have had in years .
They sure did pick a wonderful photo !!!!!!!! great article aswell . 
Wow and double WOW its just awesome to see your exhibition all hang and hung beautifully . I had a lovely opening and really loved the atmosphere of framed the staff are just a delight . Was so nice to see the director Anne whos been unwell and made a recovery just in time for my visit .The ceramics that u can see are from famed gold coast artist bill powell , a lovely man as well .  
The exhibition is on throughout may so please if your in the area check it out or online all works are available for acquisition via
  cheers starr xox

Saturday, May 3, 2014

If in doubt add more color !!!!!!!!