Wednesday, February 13, 2013


LOVE is many many different things to many different people ...............The love of my life is my painting its a thing thats forever and never lets me down and always makes me happy . What a lucky girl i am to have found love . While painting is love to me i do love other things with passion . I love lavender / sterling roses , gardina scented rooms with a hint of jasmine and graceful ballet dancers . I love alice in wonderland like nothing else and cant get enough of the idea of happily ever after just the way disney intended . Love a period / costume movie , and cant get enough of Keats poetry or HIMs love metal . I lOVE the city of love paris and cant wait to walk down the streets soon and be french again or just feel it even for a moment . So happy valentines day everyone , to all those that are loved your so lucky for all those single hes or shes just around the corner and when u least expect it happens !!!!!!!!!!x

 "You are always new , the last of you kisses was the sweetiest" Jon Keats