Friday, February 12, 2016

Story behind my LENNON painting .

Never have i painted a more difficult subject in my painting career so far .lol  I have in the past done a self portrait in cross position so this was an idea I was more than comfortable with . Ritchie Yorke the writer and rock historian approached me with an idea , being a painter and not an illustrator makes things more difficult as I am not into painting what other want me too etc . I am a Beatles fan and a closet rock chic however so that pushed my interest over into commitment . The most scary bit was the fact the Yoko herself had to OK the book and the cover and she's NEW YORK art royalty . 

Working with a series of images from the 70,s that the author had supplied and even having a model pose in cross position was all part of the process . I found the most difficult aspect was painting him with the beard that was not 100% correct for the time but was needed for the cross vision I had in mind . I guess that's where artistic licence comes in ? I always believe art should make you think and maybe be a little uncomfortable . Lots of changes were requested like the pillow behind him which after a bit of thought, I thought would work and it grounds the subject nicely . Another one was jeans on him as some thought that the religious aspects might upset some I decided against that for my artworks integrity . Of course what the graphic designer do to make it a terrific book cover us up to them with my blessing . 

As you can see the results speak for themselfs and I got to create my most challenging painting to date and push myself as an artist . This book cover dose not show the second version with the jeans one . I imagine the first version will be a collector item in the future . It's a remarkable story and a fantastic read of a time in history that effected millions Ritchie was there to witness all this with his friends John and Yoko . Tonight is the Australian book launch as it's going to be huge with a 'Bed in ' recreation and my painting will be on show of course . 

The American book launch as a huge success as you can see here with ALICE COOPER holding up a copie . Yes as rock chic this was super exciting for me as I just love ALICE and have seen him many many times in concert . 

So here is an offical invitation to what's set to be an incredible night . So if you loved the 70s or the Beatles this you won't want to miss this opportunity to meet Richie and hear his story . I was so honoured to able to have the opportunity to be involved with this project so thanks RITCHIE . X