Sunday, February 27, 2011

love in a elevator

now this has to be the hottest artist /painter on the planet ..........................drum roll or screaming guitar solo . lol  STEVEN TYLER. I am a big aerosmith fan and went all the way too vegas just too see them . He was magic on stage . Over the years i have had a reoccurring fantasy about him and elevators in department stores. I thought he was just a rockstar but no hes also a painter . I always knew we had lots in common . So call me and we can discuss painting anytime u like steven , the topic of elevators is optional . xox  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

el te amo.

el te amo ....................means i love u in brazilian. yeap and thats all i know of his language . This is a portrait of NAT REED hes and artist based in brazil who moonlights as a rockstar . His former band was well know brazilian glam rock band the BASTARDZ. Muses are a strange thing i have a few girls that model for me that i adore to paint but this man i could draw and paint him till the cows come home . Its quiet obsessive really . But then obsession is what painting is all about . Inspiration come from beauty but this mans beauty is translated in the inside aswell ...........................very rare indeed. We cant talk too each other but we do what artists do and draw each other , ok and thank god for translator thingy on the net . So when i am upset or down or just in an unguarded moment i choose too paint him cause it always makes me happy . So please never take the humble phone for granted . I would kill too be able too speak too him . lol

Sunday, February 13, 2011

every rose has its thorn.

Every rose has its thorn , just like every night has its dawn ..........................ahhhhhhhh so who says rockers that wear edhardy too much are not sensitive . .so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone . Roses are the universal symbol of LOVE clearly by a mile . The average man will always send them on valentines day too his love or else hes in big trouble . I paint this red rose series as i love the idea of love more than most however elusive it is . Over the years i have been sent many dozens of red roses by admirers but some men just think out side the box .......................or colour etc. One guy sent me black roses , let me tell ya a first i thought fuck it might be my death wish ? i looked at the card an realised this man would never send anything so common as red due to his extrodinary taste in all things dark . Another man sent sterling roses , they are pale lavender grey roses , featured in the movie 'BED OF ROSES' . I love a man thats creative and thinks out side the norm . For the record black roses are very rare and hard to get in this country due to our climate . I love hard to get . xox

Saturday, February 12, 2011

drawing is only second to painting.

Well now drawing may be second to painting but really u cant have the one without the other . My style is based on very strong drawing skills and i paint like i draw . We all do in the beginning , i loved drawing and scribbling in my high school diary's which years later become the visual diary's. Essential to any artist who loves to see the process from the scribbles too the drawings then to the painting . ................... So when i am not painting which is always and in quiet moments i like too scribble the joy of doing something thats not expecting an outcome is it was in my teens .xox

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the polka dot incident

So i love polka dots , dont ask why maybe its the the whole alice in wonderland thingy . Ever since i was a little girl i have loved them , weather on clothing , coffee mugs , dooner covers and dressing my toy poodle in them . I cant help myself really . I have a few very fantastic pairs of shoes in black and white dots too . weather the dots are in black and white , red and white or pink and white they ROCK. So its interesting to know just how personal my nudes really are ? I was working on this painting in december when i got dumped , and one of the excuses was my excessive use of polka dots . WTF. ok i am as mad as a hatta and excentric but really this cant be a reason ...............................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well with the 'polka dot incident ' well behind me i now close up my laptop and stick it in its new polka dot case. xox