Sunday, November 9, 2014

WANDERLUST opening redhill gallery 2014

Wanderlust is officially open and it went off with a bang !!!!!! Was a very big night for both me and the red hill gallery . It was so nice seeing so many faces in the standing only room crowd . It takes a very special gallery to pull of an opening like that. Its something that in an artists life you never forget. Lets be real however it has taken two years and a lot of sacrifice to paint that body of work .Lots of planing and just hoping that you all like my latest works and get it . This painting artistic temperament says it all with the thoughts running around in my head that I need to get out and onto canvas .

Here is a photo from opening night and ohhhhhh what a night it was ........I am here with the redhill galleries director Margaret . Yes is sure it pick a crazy dress nothing but outrageous for me . I found it in a prom shop its from a USA brand and was the last one , many years old and over looked by a 1000 girls . The dress at the back of the store that no one wants is normally the one i want oddly . This is second paint splattered dress i have found on my travels this way . It was love at first sight and i knew it was perfect for WANDERLUST as it looked like alice fell down the rabbit hole with a paint brush . I just hope i get to wear it again ;)

Here i am getting filmed for the opening night very excited but i admit to being awkward when a camera comes near me . I think one should face their fears and be brave and give it a go and with experience you will only get better . I am shot here with my INTERSTELLA  painting thats in brisbane for it first time it was only ever seen in a regional gallery . Brisbane needed its chance to see this work up close and personal. There will be much more from this series in the future ......I WAS BORN TO PAINT THE STARS .

The redhill gallery publicity machine was a full swing too with a full page spread in the SUNDAY MAILS "U" section .Its was titled "romance lives in colour" very fitting for the show . Thanks Fiona Purdon for a terrific article . It featured my latest london , NYC , ballerina and cafe van gogh works all from WANDERLUST .

 I want to thank all my clients that came to my latest exhibition i was very humbled being an artist from brisbane and having that much support. Also of course my friends and family that are always there for me cheering me on .So delighted i was to meet so many of my wonderful clients from facebook and redhill gallery !!!!!!!! Here is one of my iconic story bridges from my current show so if you love it gotta have it contact the lovely staff at the redhill gallery on 07 3368 1442


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Selfie on the way to wonderland

 "Starr’s work shows the journey a modern woman takes as she struggles to hold on to traditional values. iPods, Facebook,coca cola and the twilight phenomena are all intertwined as she navigates her way through an ever changing technological world." 

Well thats a little from the official statement and this the latest installment in the Alice series carries on with lots more twists and turns . I am keeping things in house with this one as it features my pink corvette for the first time and this baby will be turning up in a lot more of my series down the track . When i was a little girl i always wanted the barbie car but never got one so when i got older one day like magic it arrived in my drive way ....................i am very loved and spoilt . So of course it was going in the alice series . 

  Now lets talk about disney's Fairytale castle , its quiet frankly like a dream and is what i think happily ever after is all about . I grew up loving disney and princess's and how can u not like a symbol of love as large as the magic kingdoms castle . Yes i realise its based on the german one which is also gorgeous. I think Fairytales are to girls what superheros are to boys ..............I am a girly girl i love pink all the way ok and every other colour but pink mainly. While some think disney is a tacky beacon of love i certainly dont . You can choose to  create your very own fairy tale or in my case paint it .  

Of course no Wonderland fairytale painting would be complete without an enchanted forest and dancing flamingos. Ok and all the usual nods to wonderland like the white rabbit , stop watch , queen of hearts card and a beautiful floral foreground that the magic mushrooms pop up from . Here is a sketch featuring the flamingo and foreground flowers that were used in the painting . Its great to sketch up your ideas for major works like this i find . The SELFIE bit is just the crazy current phenomena most of us are guilty off . I am a vain creature and admit to doing this regularly . I am sure there will be a few selfie photos at my current exhibition WANDERLUST that opens on the 7th of november at the redhill gallery.  

What makes me super happy about this painting is that my imagination has been taken to a new level along with this series . I find the courage in this series to be me and let you see inside mind of an eccentric artist and she journeys down the rabbit hole and beyond . lol 

s xox  

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The creation of the modern still life .

The modern Still life is finally cool , There was a decade ago when it was just a bunch of flowers or a bowl of fruit on a lovely table nothing however wrong with that but those days are over . Well for me they certainly are and to the delight of my clients . I always keep it personal and use items that are mostly mine and in my studio or home . I find many of them on my travels and get so excited when i do, knowing they can feature in my latest still lifes . Flowers are still a big part of my works and i am always falling in love with a new one or shade . Roses however are always a bit classic aren't they . Something old with something new keeps the still life modern , books and even shoes . Tea cups , videos , skulls and the lonely apple also paint up a dream.

Now nothing is nicer in still lifes than the classic wine or champagne bottles or even absinthe my personal favourite. Yes i do drink my lovely champagne tthat'salways part of the fun.  I do admit to being a bit of a hoarder with my china and glasses it was a nightmare when i moved into my new studio with all the packing of fragile items . I will never be able to be a minimalist lol . The joy of travel and the constant search of inspiration in found objects is a wonder really . The magical way odd items can paint up on a canvas is awesome . I love nothing more than working from life but will also set up scenes when i am overseas in my hotels or out and about .

Thanks to my camera which i must say my skills are getting better with or my trusty ipad ........I have a love affair thats endless for my ipad .Here is DREAMING OF PARIS my most recent painting and yes its a still life thats classic but also modern . A bit of spray can technique and bang its instantly cool . WANDERLUST my exhibition opens on the 7th of november at the redhill gallery in brisbane this painting and many more will be on display then .

Sunday, October 12, 2014



‘a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.[1]

My latest exhibition ‘ Wanderlust’ explores the desire to travel and the often-magical journeys we take in life.

Whether it’s New York City or London, Paris or even my own hometown of Brisbane there will always be some new undiscovered aspect to fall in love with. As a visual artist my inspiration comes from these global adventures and the need to satisfy my abundant curiosity and strong desire to share the beauty of this planet.

As an incurable romantic, love can be my greatest inspiration. I am lucky to be able to paint the things that I myself love in my own inimitable style. Cityscapes that capture the heart such as the Eiffel Tower and Empire State building or passions closer to my soul such as the ballet, the female form or even just a great pair of shoes, all things that I find in my adventures and travel are set to feature in this exciting exhibition.

‘Wanderlust’ is my ultimate fairy tale splashed across the canvas, capturing my freedom and passion as an artist in the brightest and boldest colours imaginable.

Starr X

ok Well thats the official statement !!!!!!!! but it says it all i think . I am so excited to be having my latest exhibition in my hometown of brisbane at the REDHILL GALLERY .Opening on the 7th of november from 6 till 8 . RSVP is essential via the gallery . 
here is a pic of my nephew posing with my HERO painting "WANDERLUST" 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brisbanes loves its EKKA.

This is my latest painting and just in time for brisbane's EKKA . I have never painted this before but it was about time as this has always been one of my most favourite events . Every year i go its just addictive and always brings out my inner child . I just love side show alley and especially at night as thats when i am there as STARS only come out at night . The fairy floss , strawberry icecreams and the rides are among my favorite things .

I have always loved theme parks and circuses as i just love the neon light and colour . Luna park in sydney is big fav aswell . Disneyland and disneyworld in america are in my next big trip next year . Its all about FUN and adventures in technicolour . I find such inspiration in these twisted alternate worlds that u can visit even if just for a day or night . We are so lucky in brisbane to have such a wonderful show called the EKKA.

This painting is available via the red hill gallery brisbane and will be part of my exhibition opening there in november . I am really excited about this next show and proud to have be exclusively represented in queensland by this remarkable gallery in my home town . For all my latest works redhill will always have a great selection as i regularly drop off new works . So if you want a STARR painting hit the lovely red hill gallery and their delightful staff will be more than happy to help you .

Have fun at the EKKA brisbane xo

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chorus of colour 2014

Its always so exciting when u complete an exhibition and you see it all come together  . My job is now officially done and its over to the representing gallery . Traffic jam galleries are wonderful and i just know this new body of work will look incredible hung on their gorgeous white walls.

ohhhhhh check out my artist statement about this show . .............

 A Chorus of Colour represents my sojourn through the modern art world. It combines my affinity for the true Masters with my yearning to realise all possible futures in terms of the present.
This current work, as with my entire body of work to date, marries the world I envisage with the world that surrounds me.Striving to stay afloat in a sea of mediocrity.
A Chorus of Colour is not merely a chorus, it is a symphony!! Hyper Colour Hyper Reality. Not merely work to decorate walls, the paintings sing the story of life and the struggle to be heard.
The colour, line and narratives are my voice as I seek to render the world as I see it into a fully rationalised 2D vision.

OHHHHHH and did i mention my partner in crime for this exhibition is fantastic danielle Mcmanus . shes a wonderful talent and i just love her work . So please check out the details above for the opening and you can view the intire exhibtion online at .All works are currently available now for sale and are flying out the door so get in quick . I do hope if your in the sydney area you can make it and it will be delightful to catch up . xo

dynamic sydney harbour .....acrylic on canvas 1mt x 150cm .

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

dancing nudes musings

I magical moment happened this week , mum visited and dropped back some of my older art thats shes had hanging around her house . As shes got all new pieces to go with her latest revamps . So arriving in all there glory are some of my DANCING NUDE series . These originally arrived on the art scene in an explosion of colour just under two decades ago . I love this series its where my nudes started humbly from my hours upon hours of life drawing helped . Everyone has there own way of drawing this is mine whether i like it or not .I LOVE it of course .
  This is them today of course i have a massive progression in my style but they still have the same unique quality they did when they were first created .So painterly , POP , panache they are . The original series was an incredible hit and saw my first exhibitions become complete sell outs .This first sell out was at the redhill gallery of course who have been behind me for decades and exclusively represent me in my home town.  One of my finest moments was an incredibly famous artist who was at my first show congratulating me on my creating an amazingly original style . I had at the time not realised what i had created and just how unique its all was . I was totally in my own world and really had never stepped in a gallery or ever seen much other work except for the masters .
So yesterday i put the dancing nudes up on my facebook page and was overwhelmed with the response and could not help my self to see if i could do a quick stylus sketch . I have said before i love drawing with this cyber marvell as its keeps things loose and yes i can still sketch like i did decades ago so yeah!!!!!!!! .So thank you so much everybody you have all encouraged me to do the dancing nudes again . So stay tuned for my latest offering in this iconic series that started it all. xox

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

commissions around the world and back again.

 So yes i do promise from around the world and back again when i am doing commissions. NYC is proving to be very popular but your thinking i have been to your shows and never have i seen new york paintings ? Well the reason is normally i am just too busy painting the commission's of this iconic city at any one moment.However i can assure you at my next brisbane show New York paintings will be attending the opening this time . So stay tuned for that . This was a recent redhill commission and i believe it was very well received .Its of time square clearly but with a spiderman twist and yes thats no accident as its what the client requested specially.       
 Now whos not totally in love with the empire state building !!!!!!! this was a recent commission arranged by my sydney gallery for a client . Many different versions of sketches were considered but this won out over a proposed central park version. I know in an instant if its a photo that i can work from and then turn into awesome painting for my clients .Some clients will bring me holiday snaps etc and i can look thorough heaps and I just know immediately if it going to end up on canvas or not.
 This ballerina is called "it had to be YOU . Yes thats a harry connick jr song i know and believe me its deliberate. This commision was truly unique indeed , they loved the ballerinas but needed a twist with it and while it may not make sense to you or me to the couple in question its very meaningful and personal . So i think the words to the song was the couples song and the three mice symbolised their three children . Now the cheese means something as well . When it all combines however it comes across as very whimsical and magical i think with a bit of a fairy tale tone . Let me tell you the clients were just so in love with there ballerina.  
Ok now here is my latest one , its from my imagination series and the brief was white and bright with my crazy imagery done in my sketch style . I love it when i get these types of commissions as i really go to town with such a broad brief . Always lots of fun for sure . While all my galleries that represent me can arrange commissions for you which is by far the easiest way to have something special for you done . I also get clients commissioning me from locations where i am not represented like melbourne and let me tell you , you would be amazed how many works of mine grace the homes down south . Ok and not to mention all my global around the world clients from paris and london and back to LA again .
 For commissions or the closest gallery to you please contact e

cheers starr x

Sunday, May 25, 2014

the good , the bad and the ugly .

Now this will be a post you will want to read ......................The good the bad and the ugly of the art world !!!!! ok the truth . Firstly let me tell you nothing better than being a painter girl 24/7 you wake up and can paint in your PJ's if you want . This is not a glamorous occupation except for the odd occasion your a judge, its your exhibition or you at an event art related and your just in desperate need of a photo opp.  Media and promotion is everything and thank god for cyber world can i get a high five .lol I find the addiction that is the internet is crazy and time consuming but necessary . I have only just learned whats a stylus pen is used for and here is my first sketch not on paper , its a bit like a magic slate i had as a kiddy . Its sure is a complicated world nowadays.

While of course as a artist i work my ass off daily yes thats right 7 days a week . I do a bit of swanning and procrastination and not to mention the constant need of more coffee . See no ones perfect . I am a gallery artist thats constantly booked up for exhibitions years in advance, thats awesome i know but exhibitions are pressure.Stressing out pressure. No complaining because you know what your signing up for when you get so excited about getting excepted into art college .There are however some things they dont tell you and over a course of decades you will encounter some negative aspects of the art world .

Firstly i have sold many many painting and most recently 12 appear to be lost . I am sure the clients who purchased them have no idea the artist was never paid . A gallery went into liquidation and thats that and as they are overseas its near impossible to chase .Dont start me on galleries that just close up over night and you never see your paintings again . I lost another 20 works this way once . Galleries dont always pay aswell and artists are so grateful just to be represented we say nothing . This is maddening and happens all the time in the art world you always here rumours but we all still think this wont happen to us .etc . However on a brighter note there are awesome galleries that do pay and they have the the respect of the artists and we all love them . I find its important to learn from experience and dont make the same mistake twice and if you do like me at least you took and chance because the next gallery might be the the best one EVER.

So there really is no fairytale in this world but it sure dose have enough sparkly moments to over come the darkness .


Monday, May 19, 2014

starr's adventures in never neverland.

Well darwin really is like no other city in australia , of course the first thing that hits you is the heat . yes its winter in brisbane but its like summer in darwin. While i was only in town for a few day for my opening of WONDERLAND 2014 i simply had a ball . Just check out the invites how divine . I did write this in the sand at the mindel markets just totally blown away by the beach . Yes i am a night owl so even walking on a beach is a big event .

My gallery that represents me in darwin has been representing me for over 15 years !!!!! Framed the darwin gallery is just lovely with beautiful white walls and i just love how they hang a show . I adored getting to meet lots of my clients some older ones and some first time buyers . ohhhhhh here is the exhibition online so you can check it out !!!!!

 Prints of Alices adventures in never neverland my latest in my alice series is also available via framed for the next three months exclusively. One thing on my list to do was hit cullen bay , it never fails to amaze with all those yachts . i had a sav blanc and oysters with my girlfriend Mykala who decided to join me on my adventure . We were most excited to find out the the US navy was in town as last time i was there 6 years ago i danced on top of a bar to the YMCA with some navy boys . Sadly no table top dancing for me this trip ........DAMN IT.  
 The PR and press of an exhibition is always exciting and fun . I am quiet the poser so no dramas there just hope they get my best side . I love to strike a pose or VOGUE .The girls from the NT news were a delight and worked over time getting great shots .Here is behind the scenes .

 ohhhhhh and here is me having a cup of tea with the white rabbit hes quiet the character and hes was filling me in on all the wonderland gossip . Most exciting conversation i have had in years .
They sure did pick a wonderful photo !!!!!!!! great article aswell . 
Wow and double WOW its just awesome to see your exhibition all hang and hung beautifully . I had a lovely opening and really loved the atmosphere of framed the staff are just a delight . Was so nice to see the director Anne whos been unwell and made a recovery just in time for my visit .The ceramics that u can see are from famed gold coast artist bill powell , a lovely man as well .  
The exhibition is on throughout may so please if your in the area check it out or online all works are available for acquisition via
  cheers starr xox

Saturday, May 3, 2014

If in doubt add more color !!!!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Alices adventure's in Never Neverland .

My latest edition to my Alice in wonderland series is complete !!!!!!!! Finally its taken many a sleepless night . My Dreams are always a bit intense and most of my paintings come to me while i am sleeping . I then put myself under pressure to get my vision on to canvas in the studio . For weeks i am not so nice to be around , friends call and i act very distracted , my mind only handles one thing when i am in Alice mode . Much thought, sketches and studies go into each painting .

'ALICES adventure's in never neverland' is all about Darwin and the NEVER NEVER. Kakadu is a magical world in its self but what amazes me is a tiny boat is easily lost in a sea of waterlillies. Whether its the destination or the journey ahead . Never mind however alice has her ipad to navigate and the white rabbit for company . Pink flamingos make their first appearance in my series and how wonderland are they!!!!!!! .Ohhhhhh and also my 18th century vintage 'Alice in wonderland' book with the original cover thats my most coveted possession . I love the modern thrown in with the old for a twist .

WONDERLAND 2014 is opening at the Framed gallery in Darwin on May the 9th . I am very excited and will be in attendance as i just adore Darwin and the gallery . I have been represented by them for over a decade or more . My latest Alice painting will be officially unveiled and prints of this work will also be available. Its going to be a floral frenzy with whimsical undertones . x


Sunday, February 16, 2014

INXS forever .

So how good was the INXS movie I just loved it . INXS was part of my teenage soundtrack and i had a crush for at least a whole two weeks on Michael at one stage .lol I was a bit fickle in those days . My love could be brought by who ever was on the cover of smash hits magazine. I sketched this when i was about 15 or 16 i would say maybe earlier . When i have a crush it normally translated in to a sketch being drawn . My favorite song of theirs even till this day is "DONT CHANGE" , they lyrics still pack a punch . I can say for certain i have never changed at all , grown yes but never changed . here are the lyric !!!!!!!!!!! X

I'm standing here on the ground
The sky above won't fall down
See no evil in all direction
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark
For too long

Don't change for you
Don't change a thing for me

I found a love I had lost
It was gone for too long
Hear no evil in all directions
Execution of bitterness
Message received loud and clear

Don't change for you
Don't change a thing for me

I'm standing here on the ground
The sky above won't fall down
See no evil in all directions
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark for too long

Don't change for you
Don't change a thing for me

Thursday, February 13, 2014

VANITY galleries

vanity gallery is an art gallery that charges artists fees to exhibit their work and makes most of its money from artists rather than from sales to the public. Some vanity galleries charge a lump sum to arrange an exhibition, while others ask artists to pay regular membership fees and then promise to organize an exhibition with a certain period. 

Well that's what Wikipedia says !!!!!!!!!! I think these galleries are scams and a complete waste of time and in my early days out of art college i even fell for a few . Being so much wiser nowadays i can see what they really are and they just crush dreams of young or inexperienced artists. Every month i get emails from these galleries wanting me to exhibit in NYC or a castle in Italy or even the center of London . They are all the same and always have the same formula approach thats how u can tell in 2 minutes flat that they are indeed a vanity gallery . I can assure you they have no interest in selling your work or mine .  

I was actually at one of these galleries for one of my openings and was in shock at how out of their depth they were when i actually sold a painting . ie the one above called SUNSET STRIP .They clearly never actually expect too, let alone can work out how to do the sale for the client . Was just all very awkward. I also met some of the other artist that were on show as well . We had all spend our money and some had come from afar. While yes i was young and inexperienced i was a hot seller in Australia and was from the moment i took flight from uni . I had been spoit by having wonderful galleries in OZ representing me and had no idea that galleries all over the world were not the same . 

   This is my story but you may have a far more positive one in one of these vanity galleries.It is a very expensive lesson that i had to learn , not just the cost but the shipping of the works aswell . I have since found many galleries overseas that are awesome and work just like the ones here but they are few and far between and finding them is like a needle in a hay stack.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

PARIS is a wonderland ....part 2

My biggest love about Paris has always been the night life . Stars only come out at night after all. Lots of my works reflexes this idea and with a name like starr this was always going to be . This is one of my most favorite photos taken by a random strangers who were laughing at me trying to do a selfie . Thank god they offered to assist me !!!!!!! . This was late afternoon and i was on my way to have cocktails with my seriously attractive agent then i was to be hitting the Nouvelle eve which is pretty much across the road from the moulin rouge. I was a very lucky artist to have a few beautiful dancers that were more than happy to pose for me .

My art has been promoting the Nouvelle eve for years now .........I just love this post card !!!!!!! While in town i visited to Louvre and as always am totally in love with most everything i see. I saw a Toulouse lautrec exhibition there and felt amazed as i kinda appears i am following a similar art path with the dancers and the clubs . Too some its a bit naughty and underworld, even seedy , but i never see that just the beauty and sparkle . I am so inspired when in this world i come alive . I cant wait to show you all the new works but all in good time .

 The street art around Paris was just awesome , i love all the streets scattered with it . One seriously could get lost in some of those back streets . I have a few navigation issues and am always getting lost but as always i find the french so friendly and always happy to put me on the right path .This photo was taken in the alley just up from where i was staying !!!!!!

 My epic birthday happened while i was in town which was nice it was all about me that day lol . I could have gone anywhere for dinner that night but i wanted to go to "LES DEUX MAGOTS" I have painted this iconic cafe many many time so it was wonderful to dine there and of course with the best of friends . It was a truly magnificent night .Yes there will be my latest version of this cafe in my 2014 November exhibition. ohhhhhhhhh writing this blog makes me miss Paris so much its a good thing i will return this year . Till then i can paint till my hearts content Paris the city that truly is a WONDERLAND .xo