Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thanks brisbane news

check out this in brisbane news this week talking about my latest exhibtion at the redhill gallery ...............this show opens this friday nite . THANKS brisbane news it looks fantastic . xox

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SCARD tv interview. hey so please check out this interview I talk about my inpirations for the current exhibtion and also what inspires me .xox

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ballerina in the blue tutu

So in excitement of my lastest exhibtion ' wonderland ' which is ALICE IN WONDERLAND THEME how could i not paint a ballerina with a blue tutu ............. this current show opens in BRISBANE on the 3rd of dec at the redhill gallery , brisbane its currently all online . View it at . xox

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WONDERLAND status update

this painting is 'WONDERLAND STATUS UPDATE" cause even if you fall down a hole u still need to stay connected to the life line that is FACEBOOK . ok myspace or twitter depending on ur addiction levels . I would also need to update this blog as well . It amazing to think how we really ever survived before social networking took over the world . I am completely obbsessed with facebook and admite to checking it at least 5 times a day everyday . Sometimes in my recluse world i can feel connected via this . I wake up most morning for my coffee and then too check my facebook , flirt a little and spirt a few pearls of no needed wisdom . OK and then update my status x

Monday, November 8, 2010

ALICE and the HATTA hookup

Watched the latest release movie ALICE .............U HAVE TO SEE IT , fantastic its what u would do if u did not have tim burtons budget , did not care less about the traditional details of disneys version . Ok u would need a warped imagination too . any version were ALICE and the HATTA hook up works for me . Really arty and magical .......!!!!!! its directed by nick willing also has kathy bates as the QUEEN of hearts . very entertaining . Its about time someone really twisted up the fairytale and I'm not talking just on canvas .x

SCARD TV visited me in my studio .

The guys from SCARD TV came for a visit yesterday to interview me . most exciting . I had my lovely model emily there also who is my ALICE for my new ALICE IN WONDERLAND SERIES . I am very recluse and its normally just me painting away in the studio so it was interesting to have the film crew there . This is a still of me painting " wonderland status update" . Thanks SCARD TV was a lovely interlude on what was just another day with the canvas and paint . xox

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WONDERLAND .............the artist statement .

Starr’s latest solo exhibition is based on the beloved Lewis Carroll fairytale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, taking influence from the classic Disney movie. She has also drawn upon various other iconic images and a touch of the current dark and far more sinster Tim Burton movie showing Alice as an adult.

Starr’s work shows the journey a modern woman takes as she struggles to hold on to traditional values. iPods, Facebook, Coke Cola and the Twilight phenomena are all intertwined as she navigates her way through an ever changing technological world.

Whether it be ‘Wonderland’ or Brisbane, this exhibition is brought together by the unique style and colourful imagery that can only come from one artist…. Starr.

this exhibtion opens in brisbane in dec at the REDHILL GALLERY  .......will be the offical unveiling of the ALICE SERIES. xox

Monday, October 18, 2010

I heart ROLLERSKATING.......

So yes I love too rollerskate .....................LOVE IT . oddly this pair are very easy to stand in most days while i am painting ........however did u think i got all the energy into my paintings , its happens as i swish past . lol . Well what dose go on in an artist studio is always fasinating i guess .Mainly a lot of FOXTEL noise in the back ground . Noise is the important thing as i really dont wanna feel alone . Yes if you dont like your own company then this occupation might drive ya mad. Van gogh went mad but i dont think it was from foxtel or rollerskating in his studio . Would be a boring world if all artists came out of the same mould.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"I feel the need , the need for speed"

Well thats a quote from TOP GUN. a classic 80's movie we all loved even if just for tom and the thought we too might get to have a lamb roast with him. I am not a risk taker at all . I have no interest in anything to do with anything remotely risky . So no jumping out of planes for this girl. Instead i prefer to capture the action all on canvas . I totally love indy /formular one this is a memory from my childhood . My dad would watch this almost every sunday  too me it seemed like it anyways. I admite to finding the whole thing rather interesting ????? so now i love the challenge and patience it takes to paint this series .................lots of detail and concentration is needed with the most complicated of subjects . Tour de france and horse racing are also other favs..........xox

Saturday, September 11, 2010

australian artist .................FINALLY

Well i am more than a little excited about the fantastic article featuring me and several other redhill gallery artists.It always so important for an artist to have the right gallery represent them. My brisbane gallery THE REDHILL GALLERY has been representing me now for over 10 years and in this time i have had many sell out solos and sold lots of paintings .............cause all said and done its just a great match and continues to be . I am very loyal and respectful of the gallery process . I paint and they sell its just the perfect combination . All said and done all i wanna do is paint . Australian artist mag is availiable in australia and new zealand in most newsagents ............its got the yellow deck chair on the front . september issue '315' xox

Sunday, August 29, 2010

draw like ya paint ...............

Well I think its gotta be a given that most artists paint like they draw . Artist wendy sharp is exactly like this . There is not much difference from the drawings to the paintings , Stewart Mc farlaine is also the same . Drawing is a skill thats parmount to a great painter . I always draw and like to think my drawing style is iconic as my paintings are . I find it amazing too that there is a core of art collectors that just collect drawings . They might just have the right idea as they realise its in the studies and sketches that the paintings come from but more its where the esscence of the artist is. Ok they might just have a thing for black and white like minimalist do .This is one of my stetches from the fairy nude series .  enjoy xox

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

cult of celebrity

Celebrities have replaced royality and shows like 'E entertainment ' make them  like gods. I love the lastest dramas unfolding while i flick the paint around . Its ohhhhh so nice to have foxtel going while ya paint as you do feel like someones around even if it just the lastest robert patterson sighting. Andy warhol was a massive celb fan and liked to surround himself with as many as possible . This was his thing but i think artists are just attracted to attractive and interesting people . I painted this painting of brett michaels about 15 years ago now while still at art college its so beautiful cause it takes me back to when i was happy to just dance around my then studio which was under my grandmother house to POISON. Artists will always paint celebrities cause we wanna capture and imortalise not only on canvas but in our own distintive styles. There are many art books of famous celbs like madonna who have been painted by hundreds of different artists in the last 20 years .I paint celbs that i know or am so inspired by what they do i just cant help myself ...................... I have painted many some for art prizes and some that end up in private collections.xox

Friday, July 30, 2010

sydney harbour ............gotta love it

I have a thing for icons .................and the sydney opera house has to be the greatest land mark in australia . Its just so original and was designed by one of the worlds greatest architects .Ok and let face it how fantastic is sydney for a holiday etc . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all the fantastic shops and killer resturants . My art is sold at two locations in mosman and mona vale through the 'MOULTON GALLERIES' . They do have a few of my sydney harbors and a few nudes so if around that area please check then out .I have a had many adventures in sydney over the years and i do hope to have lots more .........xox

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ABSINTH and the green fairies.

I clearly am able too see green fairies , i can assure you this is very possible if you drink enough absinth. I know that years ago it did have a special ingredient in it that would assure visions of green fairies. however these day you will have to just use your imagination which luckily in my case i have lots of. My absinth series is ever growing as is my love of the drink mainly cause i just love the colour green and as i get older it appears to be getting obsessive . I have always flipped over the shade of paint , and even when i was working in oils its always been a magic colour .GREEN truly is the colour of life . xox

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Those that cant dance PAINT

Yes its true i am a wanna be dancer , so cause i cant ,i now paint them . Well ok i can do a very good 'THRILLER" as a party trick and i can even rock out to 'the rocky horror ' theme. When i was growing up i had to choose between art or dance lessons clearly i picked correctly . I am always in awe of the art of dance especially ballet its just so gracefull and elegant . I am a big fan of traditional ballet , modern is fantastic too but nothing quiet like a SWAN LAKE . I have a georgous red tu-tu that makes a grand appearence in my ballerina series . This is my most popular nude and too this day i am humbled by all the lovely comments this series has recieved. Although the tu-tu is always red , for my new exhibition i will be doing a one off blue tu-tu so stay tuned . I will continue to dance in my dreams and on occasion in my studio while i wait for my paint too dry.......xox

Monday, July 12, 2010

portraits the most fantastic skill an artist can have!!!!

True being able to sketch a portrait from life is an increadible skill and one that will have an artist never starve. This is a lost skill sadly and many never developed it. While most girls were running wild at parties in high school i was making money as a portrait artist . I am very traditionally trained so i could sketch your likeness by age 15 . Ok i did work up to this by drawing every cover of smash hits mag , dolly and metal edge. I was relentless till i go it right then took to people posing for me and i nailed that too . It took many years of hard work and a little natural talent . Mind you in saying that at the age of 5 i was doing landscapes better than most and by 12 selling them against old folk in local shopping centers .........................I cant say enough about being taught the rules before they are broken like i do now with my style. This would never have worked without all these years of working on my skills. ps.... I never take this for granted either and draw everyday in my visual diary.So yes being able to sketch from life will always mean you wont starve cause you can get a pencil and paper and hit the local mall and do portraits or work as a court room sketch artist or the really skilled can work with the police force as a sketch artist .........I have sketched in malls and worked as court room artist .............the police force did not appeal to me with the hours and its bit too on call for me. I am happy to be able too paint what i want now but then you cant have the sweet without the sour...x this is my latest entry for the achibald ......scarred for life "angry anderson"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Iconic brisbane.

My brisbane gallery have some of my works in the hilton currently and this one "twilight" is a personal fav .Its always lovely to see you art work hung on white walls ......divine. :), Clearly the story bridge is our cities ICON. I love to paint something that has structure like a bridge as the trick is to catpure on canvas something so well known to locals but still in the way i paint. I just wanna let you all know the bridge dose not move and it wont change pose's for me so there are only so few views from around the city i can get photographs to work from. This is the drama of having your number one model a I paint the sydney harbour bridge with the same passion but those works always end up in sydney. So last night while having a drink in at the hilton i was thinking too myself i wonder what colours i will paint the story bridge in next.......x

Friday, July 9, 2010

The joy of still life

 Yeap it is true there is a joy to painting from life . I do this always or whenever possible . I hop on down too the flower market and pick out the most interesting bunch of flowers , always nice cause u work with whats in season. . Ok my fav is the iris and anyone that knows me knows this , infact i was at the getty gallery in LA with my good friends junko and the fab MR lewis of LA guns fame when i saw van goghs "IRISES" . I was left speechless truly in awe . Phil a fantastic photographer took the pic of me with it ........was an amazing moment in an artist life . So once i pick the flowers out i then find an arty vase that i possibly have found in a junk shop somewhere , style the scean and paint paint paint .  I am infulenced by the masters and put my modern pop edge to my work but using traditional techniques. I wish i could take it to the next level and grow my own flowers but i dont have a green thumb. x

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

models as muses

I paint the nude ..................and i have been doing this forever well since I was 14 anyway . So beautiful is the female nude in its traditional form all i try too capture is the seductive nature that all women posess . Just a hint of the mystery unveiled behind the one eye ..............All are painted from sketches of live models and worked up from studies too the georgous white nudes or in this case the red nude.
Over the years i have been so very lucky to have some of the most georgous models to paint. Its not just beauty but also the girls spirit i wanna capture.I feel inspired in the presence of beauty .....let face it who would not !!!!!. I become attached to my models so hence they become muses. I have been working with my current models for years now and i love nothing better than chatting about their lives and dramas as i paint them.x

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

la dolca vita.....brisbane's most beautiful cafe

La dolca vita the most georgous cafe in brisbane . I have painted this cafe a few times now mostly night time views but on occasion during the day . This is the rare day time painting . I admite i have been on quiet a few dates to this cafe over the years its just such a landmark . Ohhhhhhhh and when i was in my early 20's we would go there after a big nite out as it seems too never close .  Art is personal so if i like something and enjoy the coffee than so be it i will immortalise on canvas. xox