Friday, July 9, 2010

The joy of still life

 Yeap it is true there is a joy to painting from life . I do this always or whenever possible . I hop on down too the flower market and pick out the most interesting bunch of flowers , always nice cause u work with whats in season. . Ok my fav is the iris and anyone that knows me knows this , infact i was at the getty gallery in LA with my good friends junko and the fab MR lewis of LA guns fame when i saw van goghs "IRISES" . I was left speechless truly in awe . Phil a fantastic photographer took the pic of me with it ........was an amazing moment in an artist life . So once i pick the flowers out i then find an arty vase that i possibly have found in a junk shop somewhere , style the scean and paint paint paint .  I am infulenced by the masters and put my modern pop edge to my work but using traditional techniques. I wish i could take it to the next level and grow my own flowers but i dont have a green thumb. x

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