Wednesday, July 7, 2010

models as muses

I paint the nude ..................and i have been doing this forever well since I was 14 anyway . So beautiful is the female nude in its traditional form all i try too capture is the seductive nature that all women posess . Just a hint of the mystery unveiled behind the one eye ..............All are painted from sketches of live models and worked up from studies too the georgous white nudes or in this case the red nude.
Over the years i have been so very lucky to have some of the most georgous models to paint. Its not just beauty but also the girls spirit i wanna capture.I feel inspired in the presence of beauty .....let face it who would not !!!!!. I become attached to my models so hence they become muses. I have been working with my current models for years now and i love nothing better than chatting about their lives and dramas as i paint them.x

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