Saturday, July 10, 2010

Iconic brisbane.

My brisbane gallery have some of my works in the hilton currently and this one "twilight" is a personal fav .Its always lovely to see you art work hung on white walls ......divine. :), Clearly the story bridge is our cities ICON. I love to paint something that has structure like a bridge as the trick is to catpure on canvas something so well known to locals but still in the way i paint. I just wanna let you all know the bridge dose not move and it wont change pose's for me so there are only so few views from around the city i can get photographs to work from. This is the drama of having your number one model a I paint the sydney harbour bridge with the same passion but those works always end up in sydney. So last night while having a drink in at the hilton i was thinking too myself i wonder what colours i will paint the story bridge in next.......x

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