Wednesday, February 29, 2012

so excited about my Sydney exhibition

I am just so excited about my exhibition ...................FLUIDITY . Its the night before the opening and of course u get a bit nervous . I however know i did the work and produced an amazing exhibition to my extraordinarily high standards i am my worst critic .lol. I am the kinda artist who always dose the SOLO's this of course adds the pressure . I always deliver a fresh exhibition every time , i don't bring in other works that had not previously sold . I do this out of respect for the galleries and my own integrity . Thats why i have clients purchase from my shows from all over the country as this is always the best and most recent works available.   FLUIDITY consists of 36 new works and this is a pic of me surrounded by  months and months of hard work . I go into a zone when i am painting a solo and have total focus normally forgetting all the simple things in life and totally crash when its over for a week or so in exhaustion. check it out at or come to the opening tommorrow nite and say hi .:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

introducing the SYDNEYSCAPE .

"View to a bridge" is part of my sydney exhibition "FLUIDITY" at . I am such a fan of the architectural marvel that is the opera house . As an australian i feel very lucky to have such an icon so easily recognizable globally  .  I love to paint cityscapes always have i really think is because i have grown up in a city . If i were a county girl i guess landscapes might feature more in my work but for me its always been the cityscapes. I love tall skyscrapers against a blue sky as much as a white Opera house against a blue harbor . The trick is to paint this subject matter in your style and do it with passion and integrity. So i officially introduce you to the "SYDNEYSCAPE "

Friday, February 17, 2012

FLUIDITY 2012 .sydney .


There is a certain unique gracefulness that purveys the work of young Brisbane Artist Starr. Over the past decade, she has carved herself a niche in the Australian art world that few can emulate.
With a Bachelor of Fine Art to hone the raw talent that has seen her painting since the age of five, Starr’s work exudes a charm and warmth that sees her work collected around the world.
This current exhibition, ‘Fluidity’ sees Starr break new exciting ground, with her flowing style and unmatched use of colour Starr can capture any scene and bring it to life. She is a true artist and her work captures the spirit of the masters, with a contemporary hand.
 The exhibition opens at Traffic Jam Galleries , Sydney . march the 1st ......41 military rd neutral bay .