Friday, January 25, 2013

I come from the land down under ..........

where women glow !!!!!!!! and yes yes any australian knows all the lyrics to the iconic song . So HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY and its awesome to be an aussie . I consider myself a very lucky girl to live in such a fantastic country known as the lucky country . I dont have a kangaroo for a pet sadly i have a dog .........................while i dont drive a holden i have a corvette . I do however wear pluggers /thongs etc every day while i paint . One of my favorite songs is 'great southern land' by icehouse .  I prefer champagne to beer and we are not talking sparkling wine either :( . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i love a shrimp/prawn on the barbie rather than a steak . Pubs are not my thing nor are back yard parties i like events and nite clubs with cocktails. This really is just a sign of an evolving australia and an aussie girl !!!!!!!.

Whats not to like about a country thats got so many fantastic icon for an artist to paint .Go the opera house its my favorite ICON of them all. This country is just so damn inspiring in a way thats unique to the rest of the world . So on a day like today i consider my self privileged to be an Australian painter girl .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The most beautiful thing i have ever seen .

Yes when i first laid eyes on my Christmas present i had  tear's in my eyes ............... yes thats right i got a PINK CORVETTE stingray. Its in absolute mint condition and its truly vintage its about 40 years old .!!!!!!!! When i was a little girl about 7 i got barbies pink corvette toy and was just as excited but lets face it nothing can compare to the real thing. My puppy "Hollywood" is loving the new car and had to get her photo taken with it .

Now just imagine the artistic inspiration i am going to get with this car . No more random cars in my street scean city scapes but a barbie pink corvette .............ohhhhhhhhhhh and hell yes she will be featured in the  "ALICE" series. I am very well know for painting cars and now i guess there will be lots more !!!!!!! I cant wait to paint her on canvas . So inspiring is this piece of american heavy metal at its finest . It also is the only one like it in the country . Its epic .

Now i guess your wondering where this love of cars comes from ?. No its not a midlife crisis thing but really a childhood thing . I have brothers who were really into cars and a dad who restored them lovingly in his garage on weekends with them. I always felt a bit left as i was a girl and had to help mum in the kitchen :(. My brothers all grew up and mostly lost interest when there families and babies arrived. My interest arrived artistically as i wanted to paint cars mainly formula one cars . when i like something i like it forever its never a faze . Might be because of my artistic nature maybe that makes me a little obsessive .

Then lets not discount my love of the 80's and that song "little red Corvette" because we all love prince more than life itself . And my love of all things pink and barbie . OK and oddly i was a massive fan of "the knight rider " ok so its was a trans am but that made me love the bigger cars . So what happens when i combine all of these elements in a blender . You get the pink corvette and its the most in love i have ever been with an innate object . Its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen .X

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and its fast and furious .

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

secret xox's and other hidden meaning .

No i am not the biggest fan of gossip girls XOX , i was into XOX's decades ago !!!!!!!. One question i constantly get is whats written in the back ground of my paintings as i cant quiet make it out . Truth is your not really ment to be able to read it , as my writing is just shocking and i have trouble reading it myself . At school it was just as bad but who would have thought having such a shocking hand writing would make my paintings just pop and be a key element to my style .  Every painting i use my hands to scribble as well that then, will be adding DNA . Lots of artists make sure there DNA or finger prints are in there works for future prosperity.

One thing i will say as everything i scrawl in the backgrounds is positive and normally about LOVE and STARS . I have currently been going though a 18/19 century poetry faze . So lots of Keats immortal words are in my head and end up on canvas . Sometimes it just might be one of my fave bands lyrics . The point is its very personal and when i am long gone its will be away of identifying my paintings .I have always been able to know one of my paintings from a distance as not only is my style strong but i have an amazing memory of them all . My brush strokes also have a very strong right hand stroke thats unique to my style . 

Now back to those XOX's in most of my paintings this is there !!!!! no real reason other then i always used to sign my letters like this and now emails . Ok since when were love and kisses not simply whats life and love is all about . Nothings more positive than that XOX .