Tuesday, June 3, 2014

commissions around the world and back again.

 So yes i do promise from around the world and back again when i am doing commissions. NYC is proving to be very popular but your thinking i have been to your shows and never have i seen new york paintings ? Well the reason is normally i am just too busy painting the commission's of this iconic city at any one moment.However i can assure you at my next brisbane show New York paintings will be attending the opening this time . So stay tuned for that . This was a recent redhill commission and i believe it was very well received .Its of time square clearly but with a spiderman twist and yes thats no accident as its what the client requested specially.       
 Now whos not totally in love with the empire state building !!!!!!! this was a recent commission arranged by my sydney gallery for a client . Many different versions of sketches were considered but this won out over a proposed central park version. I know in an instant if its a photo that i can work from and then turn into awesome painting for my clients .Some clients will bring me holiday snaps etc and i can look thorough heaps and I just know immediately if it going to end up on canvas or not.
 This ballerina is called "it had to be YOU . Yes thats a harry connick jr song i know and believe me its deliberate. This commision was truly unique indeed , they loved the ballerinas but needed a twist with it and while it may not make sense to you or me to the couple in question its very meaningful and personal . So i think the words to the song was the couples song and the three mice symbolised their three children . Now the cheese means something as well . When it all combines however it comes across as very whimsical and magical i think with a bit of a fairy tale tone . Let me tell you the clients were just so in love with there ballerina.  
Ok now here is my latest one , its from my imagination series and the brief was white and bright with my crazy imagery done in my sketch style . I love it when i get these types of commissions as i really go to town with such a broad brief . Always lots of fun for sure . While all my galleries that represent me can arrange commissions for you which is by far the easiest way to have something special for you done . I also get clients commissioning me from locations where i am not represented like melbourne and let me tell you , you would be amazed how many works of mine grace the homes down south . Ok and not to mention all my global around the world clients from paris and london and back to LA again .
 For commissions or the closest gallery to you please contact e starr@starrfineart.com

cheers starr x