Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HOLLYWOOD the love of my life .

I have a beautiful french toy poodle ................her name is HOLLYWOOD .' Hollywood n Vine starr" is her full name . As you might imagine shes quiet the star , and loves the camera and a good dress up . She was named after one of my favourite cites Hollywood . She is the love of my life is always so damn happy to be with me and i can assure you i am not always a bundle of laughs. lol  Her favourite colour is pink and shes loves edhardy clothing . I have been know to shop for her wardrobe at some of the sames places as Paris hilton shops for her doggies .Shes quiet the attention seeker as well and very affectionate .I knew i was getting a poodle from the start as they are quiet a famous breed associated with painters all over the world because of the no shedding of hair . Nothing worse than animal hair around a studio . So yes shes high maintenance and likes to always be cut in the french style .

 I admit i am a huge black animal fan , my cat was also black but she ran out of her nine lives a while back :( I love animals but think you have to really be able to give them lots attention and be in position in life to care for them properly . I have a few more pets i want in the future but with traveling it makes it difficult . I do see a black raven bird and a black Arabian horse as well in the future ..............ok and i am just upset that i cant have a rabbit in Queensland . I WANT A BUNNY any Alice in wonderland freak would have to have one . I have always found such carm in my chaos when animals are present. Hollywood is a total delight i am lucky she found me .x

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fairytales are to girls what superheros are to boys

"love is like a butterfly" ...............is part of my little girl series . I oddly avoided doing this series for decades i always new exactly what i would do however . Just took the right little girl walking into my life to inspire it and give me understanding and conviction this series deserved . Made me get in touch with my inner child and think back to all my dreams and wishes i made in my childhood . My niece coby is my model and shes so cute , constantly running around doing random things as children do . Not having children myself it took her and her girly zest for life to get this series off the ground . Also working out a way to doing it with integrity so it would be unmistakably mine . This series has been a run away success from the moment it hit galleries a few years back and has developed beautifully and naturally . "love is like a butterfly" features a butterfly , something so special about them i have always been a huge fan of insects . Witnessing coby over the years run around with a bug catcher sealed the deal for this work . Love , fairytales , childhood icons we all remember are featured in this ever expanding series . I think fairytales are to girls what superheros are to boys .X

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A portrait of an artist .

I do think taking a photo of an artist / creative must be a difficult thing to do . Jason from SILKSHOTS dose an amazing job . I oddly dont mind having my photograph taken which i imagine makes things much easier as many moons ago i was a hair/photographic/model .Every new major solo show i have to get new photos done for media and press etc. check out jasons facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/SilkShots-Photography/123642204349529 hes terrific with dealing with a temperamental artist like me so just imagine how great he can make you look.!!!!!!!!! I just love this photo , shows all the important features , ME , my matching lippy and stilettos and of course the ART.

Monday, June 11, 2012

leaning tower of Pisa

I always knew that eventually i would paint the leaning tower of Pisa !!!!!!! . I have painted the Eiffel tower many many times so in a sense it was Italy's turn . Such a marvelous structure to behold and its certainly is Italy's most defining  Icon architecturally . So yes i have painted it finally , and i can tell you its by far the most complicated tower i have ever painted . So much detail . I am very sure its new owner who is Italian will love it . !!!!!!! I am truly fascinated by this remarkable culture and cant wait one day to do an entire exhibition on this country . I think sadly that will be a few years down the track . One day Tuscany will call  its always been a given that i will paint in that location for a few months .  So till then there will be only the occasional painting inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful country that is Italy . x

Monday, June 4, 2012

The right royal affair ball .

Ohhhhhhhhhh what a night !!!!!! Well i had a wonderful time at the right royal affair ball to raise money for the royal Brisbane hospital . My latest painting of the story bridge called "under the bridge" was auctioned on the night. While i had an amazing evening my images of 'BALLS' are quiet different to some . I think someone is a little to into fairy-tales and Jane Austin books to handle the modern version . I imagine balls with prince charming and epic ball gowns with hopeful Cinderella's dancing the waltz. Clearly a very Disney version  i imagined from my childhood . However in saying that prince charming was actually there some guy wore a Disney prince charming outfit hence my surprise only to find out he already had his own Cinderella . Isn't that just always the way girls .!!!!!!!! 

I am very convinced i am not from this time , i just cant grasp the concept of dancing to 'Toto ' rains in Africa ................in saying that it was an AFRICAN theme. While any chance a girl gets to wear her pearls is good thing , I still hold out hope for a more traditional ball in my future ...................and yes my dress had a train , love romantic dresses with a slight Gothic /Edwardian feel . Its nice to dress up and be out of my docs every once in a while .X