Monday, June 4, 2012

The right royal affair ball .

Ohhhhhhhhhh what a night !!!!!! Well i had a wonderful time at the right royal affair ball to raise money for the royal Brisbane hospital . My latest painting of the story bridge called "under the bridge" was auctioned on the night. While i had an amazing evening my images of 'BALLS' are quiet different to some . I think someone is a little to into fairy-tales and Jane Austin books to handle the modern version . I imagine balls with prince charming and epic ball gowns with hopeful Cinderella's dancing the waltz. Clearly a very Disney version  i imagined from my childhood . However in saying that prince charming was actually there some guy wore a Disney prince charming outfit hence my surprise only to find out he already had his own Cinderella . Isn't that just always the way girls .!!!!!!!! 

I am very convinced i am not from this time , i just cant grasp the concept of dancing to 'Toto ' rains in Africa saying that it was an AFRICAN theme. While any chance a girl gets to wear her pearls is good thing , I still hold out hope for a more traditional ball in my future ...................and yes my dress had a train , love romantic dresses with a slight Gothic /Edwardian feel . Its nice to dress up and be out of my docs every once in a while .X


  1. The painting is amazing, lucky person who got it, they donated to charity and got a Starr! You look gorg, hope you had a fab night, yes, I agree, a ball today is not like the past! I know what you would have been thinking! Xx

  2. yes flora .................i just wish i was in the 19th century , might be much more epic .!!!!!!!!!!!