Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not all there ..........self portrait

"Not all there" is a self portrait . While i am well known for my nudes and city scapes it was the portrait that was always my first love . In fact i have been doing them for over 20 years professionally . With a unique style all my own . My big blown up versions were selling all over Australia decades ago . I leave this subject from time to time and come back to them with vengeance.  This is the one thing i do you will never see heaps of, as they are special and my subjects are carefully selected . If i paint a rockstar/celeb its cause i have met them on my travels or there music is so inspiring to me day in day out while i am painting . I love to paint beautiful girls that i meet organically via my  travels and my regular models i am always painting . Those lucky few girls who are my MUSES have their portraits done lots .lol . Then there are my highest selling series which are my self portraits . Each one very different and showing another side of the very complicated and sometimes misunderstood artist that i am . NOT ALL THERE is about the split in personalty . You can talk to me all you like but i am only half there as my minds always elsewhere ....................makes relationships difficult to say the least . The most important relationship i try to understand has always been the one i have with myself .Sometimes it out and out WAR. :)

Very soon my new blog will be up and it will be about portraits only  and all the stories behind each one  .stay tuned  x

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