Sunday, May 20, 2012 of those weekend !!!!!!

What a weekend !!!!!!!! It started off on the boat "pure adrenaline" drinking CRISTAL . Yes and that is my favourite champagne of them all . Its got to be the Rockstar of champagne for sure . This photo of a  rare outdoor /daylight sighting of the reclusive artist know as STARR .!!!!!!! lol. I was on the way to sunshine coast in style mixing with some of the most wonderful people in the world . We then headed back in a limo to brisvegas , to the beats of Jay.Z's 'new york' .

Then on the saturday i was judging an art show with the Margaret and Jan from the redhill gallery at St Lucia campus . The talent was amazing . I really enjoy judging but i find its always hard to judge others art but i am always very honored to be asked . One multimedia piece that was based on a students interest in dementia put a tear to my eyes . I guess thats the power of art and this girls sensitivity towards her subject showed amazing understanding and compassion . well done !!!!!!!!!!

I then spent the rest of the weekend getting to know a lovely refugee family from Iran . What wonderful people they are and so hospitable . I am now a fan of Iranian food , so healthy . I learned how excited they are to be here in a beautiful and safe country like australia where they can live their dreams . They are quiet modern and dont wear veils and are keen to fit with our culture . I feel i am learning so much about another culture that till this weekend i had no idea about . !!!!!

I was simply inspired by a wonderful weekend . Being an artist is all about the painting but also the very important journey one takes till the next blank canvas is completed .x

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