Friday, January 27, 2012

rain rain go away.

rain rain go away well yes in queensland where my studio is located in australia its raining lots . its so annoying when paint just wont dry , i am very spontaneous and prolific painter so this just holds up the process greatly .Oddly i love the rain and the cold and hate the sun but this is going on for weeks . In saying that i am turning out some fantastic work and here is a floral piece called 'floral frenzy ' . I am really enjoying painting flowers lately . woooohooooo . I love however the rain hitting the tin roof above my studio for some reason when it rains i feel safe . So rain rain go away so i can get some art dried . x

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

alices coke bottle.............amazing

There are moments in life when u just know ur on your right path................finding an alice coke bottle staring at me at a checkout was one of those moments. It was also at my local suburban shopping center i go to most days for coffee . So yes i think its a very positive sign . Yes this bottle is in my latest alice in wonderland painting cause i am addicted to coke . lol

Monday, January 23, 2012

alice arrives in sydney

hey , this is a sneak peak of my latest Alice painting featuring the sydney harbor . Wonderland can be anywhere its just up to your imagination . I take a classic fairy-tale and make it my own . I love adding popular culture icons of our time ....................I love my work reflecting our time . In 100 years its will be amusing to look back at , I love my world i live in as much as alice would have loved wonderland . Facebook , the new personalized coke bottle and lets not forget the harbor bridge and luna park. MAGICAL . This painting will be in my latest exhibition called 'fluidity' with opens in sydney in march . wooooooooooooohooooooo

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I see things a bit differently.

Well never one to really care about whats considered different or heaven forbid 'CRAZY' . I have a confession to make ............I see they world a bit different and always have i had assumed everyone did but many years later i realize this is not true . I think its a gift as much maybe as my talent is . When i look at a seen i see it in a painterly way not clear like you do . Its very much like van gogh crossed with SCI-FI my style and i am more than happy to view my world like this . its kinda like having a photo app built it me .lol ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh things much more colourful with this way of viewing the world i guess there was no other choice then to paint it . x

Monday, January 2, 2012

first sale of the year ..............x

Well the years of to a flying start the first sale done through' Fusions fine art gallery' in perth . First sale i know of when your represented by so many u never really know lol . Fusions have made a few sales now for me it really pays to have faith in a good gallery as it can take up to 6month to see results especially in a new city you have no major following in . This was the same for me with darwin , now they sell lots and lots . Patience is a virtue . So this is exciting start for the year .  I always believe in the right artist for the right gallery . These days most approach me and this is a great thing cause the gallery always knows what style art they can sell etc . So if your in perth or traveling through they are so worth a visit and you can see lots of my works also lots of other local western australian artists. .so go perth !!!!!!!!