Monday, January 2, 2012

first sale of the year ..............x

Well the years of to a flying start the first sale done through' Fusions fine art gallery' in perth . First sale i know of when your represented by so many u never really know lol . Fusions have made a few sales now for me it really pays to have faith in a good gallery as it can take up to 6month to see results especially in a new city you have no major following in . This was the same for me with darwin , now they sell lots and lots . Patience is a virtue . So this is exciting start for the year .  I always believe in the right artist for the right gallery . These days most approach me and this is a great thing cause the gallery always knows what style art they can sell etc . So if your in perth or traveling through they are so worth a visit and you can see lots of my works also lots of other local western australian artists. .so go perth !!!!!!!!

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