Friday, January 27, 2012

rain rain go away.

rain rain go away well yes in queensland where my studio is located in australia its raining lots . its so annoying when paint just wont dry , i am very spontaneous and prolific painter so this just holds up the process greatly .Oddly i love the rain and the cold and hate the sun but this is going on for weeks . In saying that i am turning out some fantastic work and here is a floral piece called 'floral frenzy ' . I am really enjoying painting flowers lately . woooohooooo . I love however the rain hitting the tin roof above my studio for some reason when it rains i feel safe . So rain rain go away so i can get some art dried . x


  1. Rain,Rain go away come again some other day,Like when Miss Starr is done with her wonderful and oh so Beautiful Paintings :-) Besides i do so wish to see them!!!

  2. hey ric , yeap its pouring but am happy painting so thats a plus . xox