Monday, December 23, 2013

The artistic nightmare that is Christmas

Christmas to me has always been nightmare .....................firstly lets just try to get through all the commissions i have in my case its very overwhelming . Every gallery appears to think they are your only gallery and their commissions are the most important but of course they are !!!!! so its how the nightmare begins it starts first week of December when all new works have to be delivered in time for sale over the silly season . I work exceptionally hard an no fun to be around in December ,i am so lucky all my friends understand this .
 These beautiful mini's arrive early in December and let me just tell you they do take much longer than ever to paint these day . However they are highly coveted and collected as they are always a bit different every year . In saying that my family are pretty much over getting them as every years its the same old same old . So this year i got them all mugs !!!!!
No i will not be selling mugs now just a family xmas thingy . Edward and the skull are clearly aimed at my niece's and nephews . One very exciting development this year has been the sale of my Alice prints they were just walking out the door. So today which is Xmas eve i am still working , most of my orders have left now . Today its just finishing of last of commissions that did not make it in time for Christmas but i always like to start each year a fresh .

So my beautiful black tree dressed in technicolor is up , Mugs are getting wrapped and I make much effort to stay the hell away from the kitchen as i cant cook .  I artfully arrange colorful platters thats my idea of being in the kitchen . Ok and yes i am really excited about boxing day shopping !!!!!!!So soon this all ends my little nightmare that is Christmas .Merry Christmas everyone i hope u all have a super fantastic time over the silly season .xo

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The traveling artist

What a nightmare this traveling internationally with your paints is :( whether u wanna paint phein air style or just paint in a gallery situation as an artist in residence its drama filled . I came to the conclusion that to save issues at customs i would send my case boxed to location rather than take it with me . Of course it could go in checked in luggage for domestic travel but international will be near impossible .

Yes your thinking its water based and acrylic so it should be ok right . The word paint sends alarm bells out at airports. Dont even think of trying to travel with oil paint that would be an artists worst nightmare .  Water soluble oil paints would be best if u were an oil devote , due to the flammable nature . You would also have to use words like "oil colours" rather than mention the alarm bell word paint. Even with acyrlic i have a full list of ingredients downloaded from manufacturers of my paint just so there are no dramas whatsoever . ohhhhhh and forget the varnish or get a water based one or buy this at your location .

I picked a very good quality make up artist train case for my paints , as its looks nice lets face it . I however dont expect this to travel like this its will be bubble wrapped and boxed so i might get a few years out of it I hope :).When painting overseas i do not travel light etc as i have to leave paintings in galleries that are the same beautiful standard as here in Australia .So i need everything i use here but just smaller amounts . My brushes always travel with me in my checked in luggage as in my eyes they are just to expensive to loose . I am a brush snob i admit .!!!!!!!Also my sketch book also travels with me the same way i would never want to loose that . Paint can be replaced sketches cant .

Stretched canvas is also packed or could be easily brought overseas depending on your location . I take mine and make sure the backs are ready for hanging so its just one less thing to worry about . I am not taking pliers flying that look like knifes . ohhhhhh and don't take metal pallet knifes take plastic one's or if you must have them in checked in luggage . I also pack all my paints in glad sandwich snap lock bags as who knows what accidents may happen in the air . Hunt out small size's of your paints if you can make things so much easier i have every colour i use in my kit . My travel paint preference is Liquidtex brand as its an international company and always available in overseas art shops . So if you run out your set . !!!!!!

I wanted to write about this is i Googled and could find next to no information on this topic. Hope you find this a bit helpful . I think there is nothing more fun than painting from life in exotic locations .It take one out of the studio and art adventures cant happen spontaneously. I love to travel as often as possible and i always find it so damn inspiring . xox


Thursday, October 31, 2013


I am so excited about this Dinner and its almost SOLD out just a few more spots to go . So here is a little bit about it from the gallery the awesome traffic jam galleries in sydney. If you would love to attend this remarkable dinner please contact them !!!!!! I will unveil some new works on the night and you will get a super cool present from me . yes its a painted one .

Our next dinner in our ARTIST DINNER SERIES will be hosted by Starr.
Join Starr, Head Chef Brett Deverall and the tjg team for a night of Art, Food, Wine and Conversation.

Saturday 16th November, 7.30 pm till bedtime.
Tickets are $125 per person, limited to 24 guests

To RSVP please call the gallery on 02 9953 3831 or email

xox starr

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Paris is a wonderland........ part 1

So yes this blog is a bit late as i have since returned from my latest trip to Paris but i was tech challenged in My trips to Paris are always a bit different and certainly not on the tourist radar . Of course there are many many visits to all the amazing galleries as i love nothing more than to be surrounded by great art its intoxicating to say the least. This picture above is the view from my apartment and yes of course it will be a painting at some point. Thats what i was there for, too find lots of inspiration, a little business, sketch and take pics for my latest Paris series that will feature in my next Brisbane SOLO in 2014 .
Although its difficult to concentrate with a patisserie under the apartment as every morning u are woken up by the smell of fresh french bread .I am not a fan of bread at all but this bread is truly from the gods my organic diet was totally out the window . 
Of course i did find the right soundtrack for my Paris adventure and how i love sketching this divine  city.I take my visual diary everywhere i go and capture moments there and then . That's my idea of a fun time its so nice to be inside your own head and not thinking of the pressures of modern day . Paris takes me away to almost another time another world where for what ever reason i am completely  happy.I just love wandering the streets by myself and seeing what i see , there is such beauty at every turn. 
 Ohhhhhhhh and yes this is a very bad sign indeed ......GELATO that was the best i had ever tasted right across the road . Not to mention i was staying in party , wine bar central and all anyone drinks is Rosa and if u drink enough u become french and learn to love it . How i love paris so stay tuned have a another glass of rosa and i shall write more about this wonderful city .x

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kaleidoscope October 2013

Well opening night was a huge success and Tosari galleries really do a fantastic event. The very lovely Sandy Pottinger a well known Toowoomba art critic opened the show with some lovely words about my work. I love this gallery as they really give me lots of freedom to paint what i really wanna paint which is nice . I can take some chances and the results speak for themselves . I can show some of my quirker works that might never see the out side of my studio for example the twilight series which shows off my killer portrait skills .

or even my latest imagination series featuring the skull which was also one of the first to sell .
Opening weekend also consisted of a fabulous artist talk complete with wonderland style tea and cupcakes . Sometimes u wonder who would really wanna listen to anything i have to say but i am happy to announce there was a full room , which can be a little scary to a recluse artist . I say however the more public talking one dose the easier it gets . OHHHH and what a beautiful invite , us artists do get terribly excited over an invite .
Here is a little blurb about the exhibition !!!!! 

The continued success of young Brisbane artist Starr is encapsulated by her unique style and charm. She blends a mastery of colour with a fluidity of brushstrokes that is unrivalled in the contemporary art world. 

With a Bachelor of Fine Art to hone the raw talent that has seen her painting since the age of five, Starrs work exudes that unique quality that has seen her sell-out exhibitions in Australia and internationally. 

Kaleidoscope is Starrs latest exhibition entwines her painterly pop panache with fairy tale twists and brings new life to her subject matter, whether it be the classic nudes and scapes of the traditional masters or something a little more twisted that lurks in the twilight world... 

Starr has been referred to as the Rock Star of the Art world. Its title that she has become accustomed to over the years, but its title that also fits her well. Starr is a true artist and her work captures the spirit of those masters, with a modern contemporary hand. 

For this exhibition, Starr will be unveiling her first series of nudes with a young Toowoomba Model. Proof that Toowoomba is a city of boundless natural beauty, from the people to the land; it is as pretty as a picture. 

The exhibition opens....on the 11th of October 2013 !!!!!! and continues right though november . so plenty of time to go and see it or view it online . 


Saturday, July 6, 2013

ever wanted a STARR painting !!!!!!

So have u ever wanted a STARR painting if the answer is yes then listen up ............ I have been searching high and low for my future house /studio for months and months and finally i found it . I had an extreme wish list . HIGH HIGH ceilings so i can do super large commissions , an EPIC green view with lots of land as i am a bit recluse , and i always dreamed of an 80's architectural style pole home . .The only down bit is it needs a big renovation to bring it up to date its very classic in its current state
Here is a sneak peak of it !!!!!! 

I just love all the angles and yes i love the timber oddly and dont want it touched as thats what really makes it so 80's and my dream home . What i am looking for is a few trades people that are keen for a contra or part contra with my art . So the first person i am super keen to meet is a painter i need the interrior walls that are there to be painted white there are not that many at all really.  So if you know a painter whos a big fan of my art this is a once off opportunity . I am also keen to hear from electricians and plumbers and carpenters down the track .So please spread the news . If u are the man for job please email me at

Due to me being on very tough exhibition programs the dream house has come at a very inconvenient time so i am trying to make this move as easy as possible so i can have limited down time from painting  . I do however think having a new space will be very inspiring for me watch out for the new works that will becoming and some yet to be imagined .x 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sydney is a WONDERLAND .

I just love Sydney, it truly is a wonderland and i found a path into the rabbit hole . I have many adventures while visiting this amazing city and its become an amazing source of inspiration .Of course i was there for the opening of VIVID my second big show in the awesome traffic jam galleries . I just love an opening and meeting many of my clients .

I had my lovely muse jodie with me on this trip she been the star of many of my nudes and quiet frankly shes just a lovely girl and wonderful company . While i did have instagram before with her help to navigate i am getting much better with it and now can finally instagram like a I did get a bit carried away with it opppps. I prefer to run around with a sketch book or my Nikon but lets face it you always have the iPhone with you at all times for those unexpected moments. I fitted in a few hours of life drawing and here is a photo of some of my props i used ..........yes the red tutu , the cinderella shoes and my new heart bag .  

We also hit LUNA park , what an awesome place is that . I went on lots of rides but there dose come a time when maybe i need to realize rides and me to not agree :( I do however just love the fairy floss and lets face it maybe that dose not agree with me either but it sure tastes magical. Nothing quiet like Luna park at night its just so beautiful and tacky all at the same time

So after a successful opening lots of sales and a spot of shopping i had a wonderful time in Sydney "the" city of icons. Cant wait till my next adventure till then C ya Sydney !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

your invited !!!!!!! VIVID 2013 SYDNEY

Viv-id (adjective) ‘1.Very Bright 2.Graphic 3.Inventive 4.Extremely Clear and Fresh 5.Lively.’ MS WORD Dictionary 2013

 ‘Vivid’ is the title of Starr’s next major solo at Traffic Jam Galleries and is the word that perfectly sums up the unique talents of this most successful and accomplished young painter. There is a certain unique gracefulness that purveys the work of Brisbane Artist Starr as she carves herself an indelible place in the Australian art world. With a Bachelor of Fine Art to hone the raw talent that has seen her painting since the age of five, Starr’s work exudes that unique quality that has seen her sell-out exhibitions in Australia and internationally. This current exhibition, ‘Vivid’, sees Starr continue to push the boundaries, with her flowing style and unmatched use of colour Starr can turn her hand to any imagery and bring it to life. She is a true artist and her work captures the spirit of the masters, with a contemporary hand......From the forthcoming exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries Sydney. 2nd - 23rd May 2013. 

Yes its all very exciting i am a big fan of  Sydney its such a beautiful city so please if your around in may please pop in and check it out . Opening night is the 2nd of may , and let me tell you traffic jam galleries dose put on a lovely night . I will also be doing an afternoon tea between 3 till 5 on sat the 5th where i will be happy to chat and answer any questions also if your super keen on a commission this is the event you wanna come to . Works are preselling now and quiet a few are already snapped up .
for your preview . I cant wait to meet lots of my Sydney clients over the weekend , c ya there  !!!!!!! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Starr Shines above City Hall

hey everyone this is a little blurb about my recent city hall painting.!!!!!!!!!

BRISBANE- April 15, 2013. The auction of an artwork by Brisbane based artist Starr, has raised $10,000 towards the Brisbane Lord Mayors Trust at the Gala Ball held on April 13.

Specially commissioned by the Brisbane City Council, the acrylic on canvas painting simply entitled 'Brisbane City Hall' features the newly renovated City Hall depicted in the vibrant expressive colours for which Starr has become renowned.  Council's decision to choose Starr to document the historic building was rewarded when bidding for the work reached the total of $10,000.

Starr has recently had a sell-out exhibition at Brisbane's Red Hill Gallery and expectations were high for this unique portrait of the Brisbane icon.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Lord Mayor's Community Trust, assisting various Brisbane charities in improving the lives of our less fortunate citizens.

 OHHHHH and here is a picture of the lord mayor and his lovely wife with my painting . The gala ball from the looks of thing was the brisbane event to be at . Shame i was not there as i just love a dress up  but clearly my painting made its own statement .x

Sunday, April 7, 2013

storage of art my personal tips.

 Having a rather huge art collection nowdays i can tell you looking after it can be quiet the storage drama . I have all my own paintings and sketches that i have kept dating back to the age of five did i not mention i was a child prodigy way before it was  Not to mention also having being a lover of art in general i have purchased many of my favourite artists works over the years . Yes its quiet out of control . While you may just have a few that dont quiet suit your current day core or you have been hit with the minimal trend etc . I will give you some of my best tips . Of course firstly all my collection is insured but that means nothing to me if say my house burnt down its totally irreplaceable .

tip one is always best hung on walls , yours or other family or close friends houses . mine is well spread out for its safety in case of a break in or fire .My families walls all look amazing . Art should be enjoyed !!!!!!

tip two ................. consider a hallway or a spare room and install a hanging system that can enable you to hang lots even on top of each other i can go at least three down a wall . Also if using a spare room please air it regularly and use mold inhibitors . make it a space that is not seen as much and clutter it up in just one area . Ps it can also look amazing if done with an artistic eye.

tip three ................A spare wardrobe is also killer for storage and yes its not just for dresses. wrap art up with either blankets and bubble wrap but please make sure the bubble is long lasting and not the bio degradable type . This will insure ease with rotation of your art collection . again always use mold inhibitors in the wardrobe .

most importantly rotate ! rotate . change your paintings around for a really fresh look . Its also means the art is not staying on the same wall for years as the back of canvas need air aswell . So happy collecting everyone .x 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

 What a wonderful holiday is Easter i personally think of it as the official bunny day . I love rabbits and bunnies of all types yes i even have a fascination for playboy bunnies . Let face it ever since the white rabbit jumped down the wonderland hole i was a fan . So have an awesome time with your loved ones and go easy on the chocolate . I am obsessed with cadbury large rabbits , and yes i got quiet a few today . Ohhhhh and yes i know the real meaning of Easter and i did one of my twice a year appearances in a church . This Easter is a painting one for me no rest for the wicked but countless amounts of chocolate to help the process along . Happy Easter everyone and please drive safe .

Friday, March 29, 2013

congratulation !!!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how i love facebook . What a wonderful way to show your art to the world . All my representing galleries are also ecstatic cause as soon as i post my latest paintings on facebook they are selling via them ........................its a win win .  A while back i finally hit the 1000 likes , which is exciting just in it self but to celebrate i gave a painting away . This was a dragonfly from my ever popular bug series . The winner was the lovely Luc who resides in Canada he was clearly very happy with his new painting . So congratulation !!!!!!!!  I shall be giving another one away once i hit 2000 likes so stay tuned everyone :). so by all means follow me on facebook . x 

Friday, March 22, 2013

my love affair with brisbane continues

My love affair with Brisbane continues............. !!!!!!!! Here is a sneak peak of my latest painting . This has been a wonderful honour to have been selected to paint such a remarkable icon of Brisbane .  Get your cheque books out Brisbane. This specially commissioned painting of City Hall is only available at the Lord Mayors Community Trust Gala Event on Sat 13th April. This should be a fantastic event its the unveiling of the new renovations of this remarkable building . This painting shows the balance between the old and new in Brisbane as the city evolves but still holds on to tradition that makes this a great city .Captured in my signature style and vivid colour palette with a modern Sci-fi undertones . Which makes Brisbane look out of this world .

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


LOVE is many many different things to many different people ...............The love of my life is my painting its a thing thats forever and never lets me down and always makes me happy . What a lucky girl i am to have found love . While painting is love to me i do love other things with passion . I love lavender / sterling roses , gardina scented rooms with a hint of jasmine and graceful ballet dancers . I love alice in wonderland like nothing else and cant get enough of the idea of happily ever after just the way disney intended . Love a period / costume movie , and cant get enough of Keats poetry or HIMs love metal . I lOVE the city of love paris and cant wait to walk down the streets soon and be french again or just feel it even for a moment . So happy valentines day everyone , to all those that are loved your so lucky for all those single hes or shes just around the corner and when u least expect it happens !!!!!!!!!!x

 "You are always new , the last of you kisses was the sweetiest" Jon Keats

Friday, January 25, 2013

I come from the land down under ..........

where women glow !!!!!!!! and yes yes any australian knows all the lyrics to the iconic song . So HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY and its awesome to be an aussie . I consider myself a very lucky girl to live in such a fantastic country known as the lucky country . I dont have a kangaroo for a pet sadly i have a dog .........................while i dont drive a holden i have a corvette . I do however wear pluggers /thongs etc every day while i paint . One of my favorite songs is 'great southern land' by icehouse .  I prefer champagne to beer and we are not talking sparkling wine either :( . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i love a shrimp/prawn on the barbie rather than a steak . Pubs are not my thing nor are back yard parties i like events and nite clubs with cocktails. This really is just a sign of an evolving australia and an aussie girl !!!!!!!.

Whats not to like about a country thats got so many fantastic icon for an artist to paint .Go the opera house its my favorite ICON of them all. This country is just so damn inspiring in a way thats unique to the rest of the world . So on a day like today i consider my self privileged to be an Australian painter girl .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The most beautiful thing i have ever seen .

Yes when i first laid eyes on my Christmas present i had  tear's in my eyes ............... yes thats right i got a PINK CORVETTE stingray. Its in absolute mint condition and its truly vintage its about 40 years old .!!!!!!!! When i was a little girl about 7 i got barbies pink corvette toy and was just as excited but lets face it nothing can compare to the real thing. My puppy "Hollywood" is loving the new car and had to get her photo taken with it .

Now just imagine the artistic inspiration i am going to get with this car . No more random cars in my street scean city scapes but a barbie pink corvette .............ohhhhhhhhhhh and hell yes she will be featured in the  "ALICE" series. I am very well know for painting cars and now i guess there will be lots more !!!!!!! I cant wait to paint her on canvas . So inspiring is this piece of american heavy metal at its finest . It also is the only one like it in the country . Its epic .

Now i guess your wondering where this love of cars comes from ?. No its not a midlife crisis thing but really a childhood thing . I have brothers who were really into cars and a dad who restored them lovingly in his garage on weekends with them. I always felt a bit left as i was a girl and had to help mum in the kitchen :(. My brothers all grew up and mostly lost interest when there families and babies arrived. My interest arrived artistically as i wanted to paint cars mainly formula one cars . when i like something i like it forever its never a faze . Might be because of my artistic nature maybe that makes me a little obsessive .

Then lets not discount my love of the 80's and that song "little red Corvette" because we all love prince more than life itself . And my love of all things pink and barbie . OK and oddly i was a massive fan of "the knight rider " ok so its was a trans am but that made me love the bigger cars . So what happens when i combine all of these elements in a blender . You get the pink corvette and its the most in love i have ever been with an innate object . Its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen .X

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and its fast and furious .

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

secret xox's and other hidden meaning .

No i am not the biggest fan of gossip girls XOX , i was into XOX's decades ago !!!!!!!. One question i constantly get is whats written in the back ground of my paintings as i cant quiet make it out . Truth is your not really ment to be able to read it , as my writing is just shocking and i have trouble reading it myself . At school it was just as bad but who would have thought having such a shocking hand writing would make my paintings just pop and be a key element to my style .  Every painting i use my hands to scribble as well that then, will be adding DNA . Lots of artists make sure there DNA or finger prints are in there works for future prosperity.

One thing i will say as everything i scrawl in the backgrounds is positive and normally about LOVE and STARS . I have currently been going though a 18/19 century poetry faze . So lots of Keats immortal words are in my head and end up on canvas . Sometimes it just might be one of my fave bands lyrics . The point is its very personal and when i am long gone its will be away of identifying my paintings .I have always been able to know one of my paintings from a distance as not only is my style strong but i have an amazing memory of them all . My brush strokes also have a very strong right hand stroke thats unique to my style . 

Now back to those XOX's in most of my paintings this is there !!!!! no real reason other then i always used to sign my letters like this and now emails . Ok since when were love and kisses not simply whats life and love is all about . Nothings more positive than that XOX .