Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Starr Shines above City Hall

hey everyone this is a little blurb about my recent city hall painting.!!!!!!!!!

BRISBANE- April 15, 2013. The auction of an artwork by Brisbane based artist Starr, has raised $10,000 towards the Brisbane Lord Mayors Trust at the Gala Ball held on April 13.

Specially commissioned by the Brisbane City Council, the acrylic on canvas painting simply entitled 'Brisbane City Hall' features the newly renovated City Hall depicted in the vibrant expressive colours for which Starr has become renowned.  Council's decision to choose Starr to document the historic building was rewarded when bidding for the work reached the total of $10,000.

Starr has recently had a sell-out exhibition at Brisbane's Red Hill Gallery and expectations were high for this unique portrait of the Brisbane icon.

All proceeds from the sale will benefit the Lord Mayor's Community Trust, assisting various Brisbane charities in improving the lives of our less fortunate citizens.

 OHHHHH and here is a picture of the lord mayor and his lovely wife with my painting . The gala ball from the looks of thing was the brisbane event to be at . Shame i was not there as i just love a dress up  but clearly my painting made its own statement .x


  1. Luvs, I am so thrilled about this. How incredible, not that I would not have expected this outcome! Xxx

  2. Your painting looks rather "Quirky",
    with the Lord Mayor (Graham Quirk)
    and his wife standing next to it.-)

    quirky - something that is strange/not normal but cool.


  3. what an interesting insight darren you always have something of note to say !!!!!!