Thursday, August 23, 2012

I heart cyber world .

I heart cyber world .....................i really do since i first turned on a computer years ago at my girlfriends insistence.  See she fell in love and married a man from denmark via a chat room !!!!!!! .  Having a manager who was a wizz in cyber world i never felt the urge and just wanted to paint and thought how could a computer be more interesting than creative ventures . While you all were possibly emailing since birth i was a late starter and still a bit tech challenged. I was held back because of dyslexia which affects my spelling etc . Why make an ass of myself in cyber world like i did in school and college all cause of learning difficulties .

I am so happy i set up my first MYSPACE pages and the joy that site brought me was inzane , i still have that site and while i dont even think and can remember the code these days !!!!! I will never delete it cause of the memories . Most of my friends from that site came along to facebook and wow how much fun is that site. I heart FACEBOOK. When u paint all day in your lonely world cyber world is a awesome as you have people to talk to . I can go for days with out real people contact . So i thank all my facebook , twitter and linked in contacts its been terribly inspiring ride .

Inspiring to say the least ..............My ALICE series is all about my technological journey via the classic fairy-tale into wonderland and beyond . In my lastest work i am showing alice in  paris she taking an instagram photo of the effiel tower . This is however just the quick sketch from my visual diary . I guess its all about how i deal with the ever changing world with PAINT . x

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am a bit of a whore !!!!!

Ha that got your attention !!!!!.................what i meant was i am a bit of a whore when it comes to paint .............very disloyal , but very loyal to colour . By this i mean if a company makes a killer colour i will use it if not another paint company will . Loyalty also depends in my case to what country i am in at that moment in time . I am a big fan of ATELIER paint and MATISSE great paint and great colours all round . Atelier makes some of the best mediums as well i love them . Before i even put paint to canvas these days i can easily do 6 coats of various mediums , its exhausting work to be sure . While in america i was introduced to GOLDEN PAINTS . They are the number one acrylic paint company in the world and easy to find in small art shops globally . I love this paint and i find it useful to be able to switch to something very compatible when i run out on locations . Makes sense to know more then just a few brands if you travel so u never get stumped . Nothing worse then running out of white in the states  , this has happened to me and i freaked out when i went into one of there mega art stores . Just so much choice it was overwhelming . Now that i use a few brands i am always confident that i will always know an equivalent varnish in time of crisis   .  Of course i do strongly believe in supporting aussie paint companies when you can !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

its been a year since you left this world

Its been year since you left this world and your forever missed by your fans and me . Your music touched a generation and totally rocked my world . While you may have heard of a band from the 80's called WARRANT , jani lane was the singer and songwriter . His most famous hit was CHERRY PIE so now your thinking yes i have heard that song . You may have even danced to it at an 80's theme party at sometime in your life .

I am a huge glam rock fan and just loved the 80's and have spend much time over the years in a very special place on this earth called HOLLYWOOD thats where the jani's of the world came from .  In fact on a few of my trips i encountered him , i was completely speechless not by his appearance which had long since faded but to be in a room with a supreme talent such as him . !!!!!!!!!

When i was a teenager i danced around to his music in my bedroom and sketched his portrait as often as i could which was a lot you should have seen my school diaries .I thought school diaries were actually visual diaries ? While growing up it was his music that got me though some very tough times in my teens . However its was his lyrics that inspired many of my paintings years ago and even to this day . Music comes and goes but there was just something about the song and dance man that jani was that just inspires . Painting his portrait is childs play for me to interpret his lyrics into a massive abstract is something totally else . He truly was a modern day POET.

This is ULTRAPHOBIC , still do this day one of my favourite paintings .The anger and hurt that i felt when this was painted was intense , i never paint when i am upset cause if i do this is what my work turns out like .  Your memory will live forever and your now in HEAVEN , just as your song says . x 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ALICE series prints

I am so excited that finally my prints are out , they look amazing and i hope you love them as much as i do !!!!! here a little blurb about the ALICE series and prints. x

Starr’s brand new exclusive print series is based on the beloved Lewis Carroll fairytale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, taking influence from the classic Disney movie. She has also drawn upon various other iconic images and a touch of the current dark and far more sinster Tim Burton movie showing Alice as an adult.
Starr’s work shows the journey a modern woman takes as she struggles to hold on to traditional values. iPods, Facebook, Coke Cola and the Twilight phenomena are all intertwined as she navigates her way through an ever changing technological world.
Whether it be ‘Wonderland’ or Brisbane, this series is brought together by the unique style and colourful imagery that can only come from one artist…. Starr.

These prints are all 50x40 cm and printed on quality archival art paper. Edition strictly limited to 100 signed prints only
$395 plus $10 postage and handling. Starr will add prints to the series as time goes by. These images are taken from her fantastic Alice in Wonderland series of paintings and will be her only works in print. please click on this link for more information or to purchase prints!!!!!!! All prints are personally signed by Starr .