Thursday, August 23, 2012

I heart cyber world .

I heart cyber world .....................i really do since i first turned on a computer years ago at my girlfriends insistence.  See she fell in love and married a man from denmark via a chat room !!!!!!! .  Having a manager who was a wizz in cyber world i never felt the urge and just wanted to paint and thought how could a computer be more interesting than creative ventures . While you all were possibly emailing since birth i was a late starter and still a bit tech challenged. I was held back because of dyslexia which affects my spelling etc . Why make an ass of myself in cyber world like i did in school and college all cause of learning difficulties .

I am so happy i set up my first MYSPACE pages and the joy that site brought me was inzane , i still have that site and while i dont even think and can remember the code these days !!!!! I will never delete it cause of the memories . Most of my friends from that site came along to facebook and wow how much fun is that site. I heart FACEBOOK. When u paint all day in your lonely world cyber world is a awesome as you have people to talk to . I can go for days with out real people contact . So i thank all my facebook , twitter and linked in contacts its been terribly inspiring ride .

Inspiring to say the least ..............My ALICE series is all about my technological journey via the classic fairy-tale into wonderland and beyond . In my lastest work i am showing alice in  paris she taking an instagram photo of the effiel tower . This is however just the quick sketch from my visual diary . I guess its all about how i deal with the ever changing world with PAINT . x


  1. Love seeing the vis diary sketch what a privilege and glad I have you in cyber world and my real world! Flora x

  2. Great sketch Starr,and you would be surprised how many famous people have dyslexia.I met Jessica Watson at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival and she confessed to battling dyslexia in school as well.
    For a young kid of 16 to sail around the world by herself takes more than courage and to write a book about it as well is the ultimate
    "up your's" to dyslexia,I think.