Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 Happy birthday to a very remarkable brisbane icon the 'story bridge ' ………its certainly one of my favourite brisbane stories . 75 years old this weekend what a milestone and i very sure it will be standing long after i am gone . My love of structures and bridges is well known and yes i paint a lot of them . I always love the challenge of taking something we possibly take for granted and capturing it on canvas . Ok yes i am very well known as the story bridge artist !!!!!!! and i love that tag .
I have recently been asked to paint a bridge for the lord majors charity trust and of course its a very worthy cause and coming up to the big birthday i knew it was going to be a rather special version . I decided on a series in my most popular blues that have their starry skies and add a new colour duck egg . I then splash on lots of my signature brights . Loving lots of pops of colours aswell . My cityscapes always have a sci-fi edge to them reflecting the energy of the future . Yes with a name like STARR i am truly the right girl to paint the stars . The lord majors painting will be going up for auction at the ball in august . very exciting .

So if your in brisbane please pop in to red hill gallery to see some of this new series .

starr x