Friday, March 29, 2013

congratulation !!!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how i love facebook . What a wonderful way to show your art to the world . All my representing galleries are also ecstatic cause as soon as i post my latest paintings on facebook they are selling via them ........................its a win win .  A while back i finally hit the 1000 likes , which is exciting just in it self but to celebrate i gave a painting away . This was a dragonfly from my ever popular bug series . The winner was the lovely Luc who resides in Canada he was clearly very happy with his new painting . So congratulation !!!!!!!!  I shall be giving another one away once i hit 2000 likes so stay tuned everyone :). so by all means follow me on facebook . x 


  1. That's nice, luvs. Luc is very lucky! X

  2. Lucky Luc.
    I love Dragonflies as I see them as a symbol to live the current day as if it was your last...which should really be a Mayfly,because that's the little dragonfly like creature that only lives for a day,but they are uglier looking than dragonflies,so dragonflies get all the good press.-)

    BTW I've got to show my mate in the UK this post,as he writes a blog about coincidences called "67,not out"

    ,and he always sees coincidences relating to the the number 67
    (look at Luc's t-shirt).
    Now if you have a painting of a white feather floating to the ground too,you'll really freak him out.-)

    1. sorry darren no painting of a white feather floating ...............:( hope your well and happy happy easter . dont eat to much chocolate .ps the damselfly is also of the same order as the dragonfly and much more beautiful but the dragonfly is the more famous one . lol

  3. Well,I learn something everyday,because I had never heard of a damselfly until you mentioned it,so I did a Google image search.
    You're right,they are good looking,especially the turquoise ones.
    I spent two days at Bluesfest at Byron Bay,but it rained both days and I didn't get to see the full moon :-(
    But I caught a lot of good acts.
    I hope that your Easter was a good one.