Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

 What a wonderful holiday is Easter i personally think of it as the official bunny day . I love rabbits and bunnies of all types yes i even have a fascination for playboy bunnies . Let face it ever since the white rabbit jumped down the wonderland hole i was a fan . So have an awesome time with your loved ones and go easy on the chocolate . I am obsessed with cadbury large rabbits , and yes i got quiet a few today . Ohhhhh and yes i know the real meaning of Easter and i did one of my twice a year appearances in a church . This Easter is a painting one for me no rest for the wicked but countless amounts of chocolate to help the process along . Happy Easter everyone and please drive safe .


  1. Re:
    "I love rabbits and bunnies of all types"
    What about Frank the rabbit out of the movie
    "Donnie Darko"?-)

    Happy Easter