Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kaleidoscope October 2013

Well opening night was a huge success and Tosari galleries really do a fantastic event. The very lovely Sandy Pottinger a well known Toowoomba art critic opened the show with some lovely words about my work. I love this gallery as they really give me lots of freedom to paint what i really wanna paint which is nice . I can take some chances and the results speak for themselves . I can show some of my quirker works that might never see the out side of my studio for example the twilight series which shows off my killer portrait skills .

or even my latest imagination series featuring the skull which was also one of the first to sell .
Opening weekend also consisted of a fabulous artist talk complete with wonderland style tea and cupcakes . Sometimes u wonder who would really wanna listen to anything i have to say but i am happy to announce there was a full room , which can be a little scary to a recluse artist . I say however the more public talking one dose the easier it gets . OHHHH and what a beautiful invite , us artists do get terribly excited over an invite .
Here is a little blurb about the exhibition !!!!! 

The continued success of young Brisbane artist Starr is encapsulated by her unique style and charm. She blends a mastery of colour with a fluidity of brushstrokes that is unrivalled in the contemporary art world. 

With a Bachelor of Fine Art to hone the raw talent that has seen her painting since the age of five, Starrs work exudes that unique quality that has seen her sell-out exhibitions in Australia and internationally. 

Kaleidoscope is Starrs latest exhibition entwines her painterly pop panache with fairy tale twists and brings new life to her subject matter, whether it be the classic nudes and scapes of the traditional masters or something a little more twisted that lurks in the twilight world... 

Starr has been referred to as the Rock Star of the Art world. Its title that she has become accustomed to over the years, but its title that also fits her well. Starr is a true artist and her work captures the spirit of those masters, with a modern contemporary hand. 

For this exhibition, Starr will be unveiling her first series of nudes with a young Toowoomba Model. Proof that Toowoomba is a city of boundless natural beauty, from the people to the land; it is as pretty as a picture. 

The exhibition opens....on the 11th of October 2013 !!!!!! and continues right though november . so plenty of time to go and see it or view it online . 


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