Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fairytales are to girls what superheros are to boys

"love is like a butterfly" ...............is part of my little girl series . I oddly avoided doing this series for decades i always new exactly what i would do however . Just took the right little girl walking into my life to inspire it and give me understanding and conviction this series deserved . Made me get in touch with my inner child and think back to all my dreams and wishes i made in my childhood . My niece coby is my model and shes so cute , constantly running around doing random things as children do . Not having children myself it took her and her girly zest for life to get this series off the ground . Also working out a way to doing it with integrity so it would be unmistakably mine . This series has been a run away success from the moment it hit galleries a few years back and has developed beautifully and naturally . "love is like a butterfly" features a butterfly , something so special about them i have always been a huge fan of insects . Witnessing coby over the years run around with a bug catcher sealed the deal for this work . Love , fairytales , childhood icons we all remember are featured in this ever expanding series . I think fairytales are to girls what superheros are to boys .X


  1. if your love it and gotta have it "love is like a butterfly is available at traffic jam galleries in Sydney . Here is the link http://www.trafficjamgalleries.com/starr.html

  2. You'll always win with butterflies Star, because people see them as a symbol of transformation,whether that be from childhood to adolescence to adulthood,or to death...and beyond.
    People see that change from a caterpillar to a butterfly as a miracle,so it is a great symbol of hope to many people,especially for those who have lost a loved one.
    When my wife lost her father to a sudden heart attack,over a year ago,she started collecting butterfly stuff galore.
    The house is full of it.So I don't think you will ever go wrong painting butterflys.

    Grace Slick also said people will always buy cute white rabbits also,for some reason.
    So you might want to try a white rabbit collection as well,at some stage down the track ?

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks for the feed back darren , dammit i want a bunny rabbit . I oddly was going to get one but u cant have one in queensland ................so sad so no white rabbit for me . lol but i will do rabbits with the little girl series for sure !!!!!!!